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Yet none of them are centreback david you got von song company who's going to have to stay healthy huge gamble we're gonna have to rely on dos rocky international auto amend the john stamos' who will continue public suffering levels of pain known only to theon great joy dave what tackles who thought eichel's giddy please remove the dull from your for your bedroom a home your gemstones of rudolp roads komo give him a break poor kid just but iwendi left ruin of a football team is that the worst thing anybody could ever do for himself it has been and i take no pleasure in that whatsoever i'm thinking only about us nowadays i'm a new member we'll get to that i am looking forward to watching the guile of portuguese playmaker bernardo silva haunted already by the new calamity in the making these edison that goalkeeper if you've not seen him you can you love in this weekend is easy east got tattoos seem to have a little bit of knack attached to them and their how'd you replacing establish goalkeeper who couldn't hold his nerve in the hurlyburly premier league dave by paying huge money for 23yearold who's never played english football and this had one season behind them as a pro i pray for him but for city probably the passing they've done most impactful for the fa season ahead give me the hazy snapface i'm gonna miss hayes who snapface rajic gave with so many highlights i'll men and blazes gave his instant things we knew every time we were going to show city guy the be all there'll be a couple of hayes was novels is cross crosses to nowhere with shots we're we're going to deliver to do a haiti's nervous immemorial that the big question for city this year has pat learn from his mistakes in that first and no girl trial by firemen he lived months at each failure so personally say publicly you get the feeling for him the defeat this season will be less of football in loss but will be more the implosion of his entire.

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