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On the reports say. It also says that what the pilots saw maybe new technologies developed by other countries. Report is due to go to Congress this month. It's slow on the 105 in Hawthorne eastbound side coming off the four or five and it's extremely slow right as you make your way through Willowbrook, Linwood and to the 605 right now I'm seeing approximately an hour delay. Now let's go to Michael Brian over Costa Mesa, Calif. In the Sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Tough drive for the 405. Four or five north there that loads up just off 55 for the 55 through Fountain Valley. Looks like the worst of that about Brooklyn Wastewater. Now the north down 73 that's tied up from the 55 hook up with that north four or five. Worth 55 on the brakes there from the 73 through 17 little gap and then back on approaching the 91 starting about Chapman Avenue. The worst of the ball is going to be the 91 in the Santa Ana Canyon. You've got 91 westbound slowing now from we're can't do 55. The 91 eastbound can forget about it. It's going to be loading up from weird candy most of the way into Corona. Injured in an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer. Com Michael Brian KF Eye in the sky and a stall reported in the Legion Park. 1 10 Dortmund Stadium Way It's stuck in the center lane. Watch for delays from the 10-K find This guy helps get either faster. I'm soaring, Crump warm weekend. We'll tell you about it. Next court. Let radio advertising keep your business top of mind with customers all summer long visit I heart ad builder dot com To get your business on the radio.

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