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Location, restriction supply. It's a me, Shawn fantasy. I'm Amanda dobbins. And this is a bigger picture conversation with the house of a Gucci. I didn't even get to practice that. That was just like you went right into it. Amanda later in this episode, I'm gonna have a conversation with Chris fryer in one of the filmmakers behind DMX. Don't try to understand it's the latest installment in ringer films music box series on HBO and HBO Max, the film debuts on Thanksgiving Day. So tuck into a nice meal, set down on your couch, fire the movie up with your family, I would really appreciate it. This movie was shot and completed while DMX was still with us. In 2019 and 2020, one of my favorite artists, there's something very bittersweet and beautiful about this movie. I hope you will watch it. But now let's talk about our feast. Let's give thanks, let's give thanks to Ridley Scott for doing two things. One bringing House of Gucci into our lives and two really uniting me closely with our Gladiator are matchstick man, the growing alien baby inside of us all. It's Chris Ryan. Hey guys. You.

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