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Com. Pathan reminding. It's what we do. It's all we do live 28 traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks and Dave Gill dining the number b T o p Traffic center on the Beltway, Maryland Virginia volume delays Yes, no major crashes outer loop slow through Alexandria, it relieves slow across the Legion bridge and and stretches on both loops between college Park. And Lan Tums toward Green Building and silver Spring. Now on to 70 north out, it's very heavy today from Gaithersburg, right up to Frederick Volume Delays are much more intense on to 70 North bound compared to days passed route. 50 eastbound no delays between the Beltway at Annapolis, but westbound traffic slows abruptly near 4 24 Davidsonville Road just past 4 24. Crash with just a single file to the right getting by westbound North bound, leaving silver Spring on Georgia Avenue crash near forced Glen Road, Right side block, staying left on Georgia Avenue North bound some congestion on Connecticut Avenue north bound toward the Purple Line Bridge beyond 4 10 in Virginia. 66 West is heavy through Centerville. 95 South is heavy from Springfield toward Woodbridge. Dave. Don't nine w T o P traffic to Amelia Draper. After a cloudy and blustery day today, winds will subside tonight as clouds diminish across the region, with lows falling into the upper twenties to low thirties for tomorrow. Partly sunny skies still a bit of a breeze, with highs in the low to mid forties and wind chills in the twenties and thirties. On Friday, plenty of clouds is the storm system looks to pass to ourselves with. High temperatures only around 40. There's a slight chance we see some rain and snow showers and move into the region from the storm system as they have a tendency to jog further to the north. Then models would indicate something will be keeping a close eye on so the best chance for any rain and snow showers on Friday and Friday night will be south of Washington or is like southern Maryland in the northern neck. I'm strong Team four meteorologist Amelia Draper. And right now we do have reason conditions. We have gusts of wind up to 32 miles an hour out of the north. We're sitting at 38 degrees in northwest D c w t o p news time. 5 30. This'll is w t o p your resource for two days. Top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W t o p. Never miss a moment telling you t O p s top news is brought to you by van Meter homes. Find a home. That's right for you at Van Meter Homes calm. Good afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson. I'm Hilary Howard. Mike. Jack itis is our producer just ahead Double d t. O. P is continuing team coverage of chaos at the Capitol. Supporters of the president clash with police stormed the capital and force a lockdown. It's put the electoral vote tally on hold. President Trump urged them to march to the Hill then posted a video on social media telling them to go home. But again, he makes unsubstantiated claims of election fraud. Meantime, a woman is shot inside the Capitol building. Other injuries also reported Citywide curfew takes effect in D. C at six PM and in Delaware President elect Biden says the violent protests border on sedition Aditi Open ears time 5 31. Breaking news on w. T o P CBS News special report storming the chamber, hundreds of President Trump's supporters broke down doors and walked onto the house floor moments after house instead of members were quickly removed from the area. CBS is Grace Seager's is on the inside been really scary. I will say it was pretty terrifying when the Senate suddenly went into.

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