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This is the global news podcast from the bbc world service i'm jackie leonard and at thirteen hours gmt on friday the thirtieth of march these are on main stories there have been a number of deaths on the border between gaza and israel where palestinians demonstrating the rights to return to ancestoral homes russia has taken further measures against britain in the row over the poisoning of a spy calling for further reductions in the numbers of british diplomats in moscow and kurdish militants in turkey have staged their deadliest attack in months killing pro government security guards also in this podcast the five hundred thousand people arrive into dublin city centre every friday tomorrow and it's great for us to be able to provide a service where they can have a pint have a bite teas and socialized for the weekend especially today we've is it an irish pub on the first good friday in more than ninety years that they've been allowed to serve drinks clashes have broken out between palestinians and isreaeli soldiers at the fence which separates the gaza strip and israel thousands of palestinians have gathered for a sixweek protest called to mark that amand for a return to ancestoral land now inside israel as we record this podcast we're hearing that at least five demonstrators have been killed and many more have been wounded israel says protesters have been hurling stones and burning tires before the demonstrations began this guy's resident told us why he's taking part my name is hattie a living gaza city a married with two little beautiful sons and i'm a teacher actually palestinians over many years have lost a lot of things and i think that the point where holliston halcion's have nothing else to lose land is really taking if you talk about gaza it's the biggest open air.

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