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That's ziprecruiter dot com slash juicy. But speaking of some of the people people had on which has been great A lot of people really liked the episode with Chris. Obviously when we talked about the Chelsea lately Get together to celebrate Shula Louis Bravo's life and some people were saying heather. The woman that we talked about the woman who said that her son was looking at twenty five years to life. At Chili's or more memorial was obviously Lori Peterson original house right from. OC Husan is currently in prison awaiting trial. I don't know if he's been convicted of some type of degree of murder. And just want you to know. I'm aware of that case with with Laura Peterson but this woman was not Peterson. She was another blonde woman. I had never met before that night. And she was personal. Friends with Lynn curtain as well so just correcting that and Anyway so it was very interesting catching up on sister wives it moves use like molasses. But I'm still just mesmerized by the fact that they left these four perfect homes and a cul de sac in Las Vegas to try to build one big house in flagstaff. I mean that's going to be the whole season of what an awful mistake this was. I need to talk to someone from the show. I need to talk to a producer or something. I need to know how much money they get. How much money they make? I soon assume each wife just like a housewife gets a fee because they say they all own their own houses how who like. They celebrated liberated Christmas now. What cameraman and people have to go on Christmas to film them and are they only cameramen that live in flagstaff? Jeff does a whole production company. Have to go from Vegas to flagstaff. If is it just a limited time. I just need to know. I don't even really need to know about out the actual secrets of their relationship. I'd rather just know how the hell do they film this thing at. How do they keep all these kids straight? So I'm kind of into that Real housewives in New Jersey is heating up. Because Jackie has beautiful house in the Hamptons and Jennifer. Who was was on my show was like? Oh my God I had no idea you with this rich. What's going on like? How did you afford all this? And Jackie's like wow. I actually actually have family money. And buy some real estate with it separate from Evans money that we make together. But you know we benefit mutually together. Jennifer was like. Oh my God Tamara. She's like if you're that rich. Why only serving like crappy boring pizza at your kids party? Why don't you like at least have like a pasta or something a green salad for the adults? I mean she only had pizza and then margin as March as like. I don't know you I know sometimes played ball. Just you know wanted not spend the money on the birthday parties. I don't know I can't agree with it. But Hey to each his own. Oh so then they go. Eat and marge is like oh by the way Jackie by the way Jackie. It's kind of funny Jennifer. Thinks she should've spent more money on in your kid's birthday party and Jackie's like what and then Jennifer is like I mean you've got so much money take a stick out of your ass and enjoy it. What what are you doing you know which is what were those those party favors was like a bad from a dentist office? What do you do I mean? Come on and Jackie is like wow and then Melissa gets involved and is like hey you know what we all spend thousands of dollars in our kids birthday parties. And you know who's going to be set up who's really going to really set up their kids nights Jackie because she wasn't blowing thousands of dollars on the kid's birthday parties like Theresa Reza and I do and Dolores does you know maybe she spot and then Jennifer goes. What are you trying to say that my kids not going to be set up nice that Mike is not going to be successful? Because I spent a lot of money on my kid's birthday party and then they get up and silverware starts being thrown and that's next week just imagine you're at this restaurant in the Hamptons. I mean a couple of people said that they thought there might have been something going going on there because they were like seeing them smile. A little bit. I think they all know to bring it. I don't think it's planned. That's my personal opinion. I think when the cameras come on you elevate your behavior more than you would normally but you're already like an out person that's how you got on on the show and you know you gotta bring it like this trip is shows getting boring if we don't see it so anyway. I'm very excited because I've I got one of your favorites hilarious comedian. Ross Matthews coming to you now. Don't don't don't care hello and welcome to juicy scoop. I have a returning favorite two-time author. Oh my God join the club. I joined your club. Thank you you might recognize the voice. Already it's Ross Matthew. Hi everybody. I'm right now him from God so many things you've done well the biggest thing right now is that you're an emmy winner. Are you on an emmy winner. Well I'm on the show winning shot at amount of producer on so. Yeah but you got to go to some parties. Yeah we won the Joyce now so I got to go up on stage or Paul's augury yes and so that's because I used to cover the EMMYS for so many years yeah I I used to use the Porta potty outside yeah now I'm first thing I do when I walk in the doors. They use the restroom in there and just sort of say. Look where I am to you. Rosa parks you. You made it. I I sweating having to re completely dressed by eight thirty am no. It's three thirty now. It's life is so much easier. It's throw no really is really cold. So drag race is amazing and you've been on dry grave. I know what its own awhile. You'll have to get me back on anytime so much. You say anytime. I have no power but it's up to to me. You'd be there every day. I like you enter funny when you're out but when you talk about what they always say anytime you want to come back and you're like really really because I will tell you. Yes I have with this new book coming out. I have a new book. Yes and they do say they always say open. The what comes out you got to come on the show and then your PR calls the booker. They're like crickets. So you just sort of okay. Her kids I actually have a really bad cricket problem at my house right now. Well we had a guy come out term necks but I'm still hearing them with. That can really bug. You crickets aren't very weird. Anyone yes so here's the deal so you're it got so bad that you call an exterminator. Were you at night. Hearing them no is like all day and sometimes we work at my house and Mike. I'm like this is crickets and selling her outside. Like must be in the walls because we're sitting having kitchen in the kitchen. We've never seen it and we have this law about your problem but when people say I'm crickets there like it that's supposed to be. You're not hearing anything. Crickets are fucking so loud and consists assists with crickets. They mean all. You hear the crickets like you know what I'm saying. Oh that's what it means. It's so quiet and all you hear is the crickets. Uh Oh yeah. Learn something. Every day I learn a lot from this book. This is you're gonNA say drop drop just very exciting you can obviously order it. Now look at it and they have this work when you write a book. It's really really fun. And it's a really really a lot of work and you want to get people as many people to buy it in the first week as you can right because you get on lists like bestseller lists so I'm just like like totally upfront about this. If you're even considering buying the buck by now you can pre-order it. Hello Ross Dot Com. It comes out February. Four if you get it on hardcover or kindle or an audio audio it'll be like on your front porch or in your inbox the second it comes out on February fourth if you pre-order it at Hello Ross Dot Com said just. It's very cute cover which we are as you you guys know we post these interviews on YouTube dot com slash either McDonnell and you can see the cover and it's all your latest your juicy stories from the last what fifteen in years. Yeah so rare. My first book was man up and it was about the story of like A young man growing up in a farm town as a young gay cartoon. And then this uh-huh and then this book out is that okay. I'm not yeah. I mean I've never declared it but I'm waiting for the magazine covered. Offer it to me. This book is about what happened when I have grown up and you know made it a career in Hollywood and matured into an older gay cartoon. This is what happens. Eighteen years and I met some amazing celebrities. I have some of these stories and so this book. It's the really good celebrity stories. I usually only tell my friends at happy hour. Yeah now I'm telling everybody so because it's happier and because I do cook every with every after I do have cocktails and rookies which are recipe which I love. 'cause I've I have the book and I was going through to having read the whole thing but I read a few chapters afternoon and that is really fun. It's really fun so we have like for Celine Dion my artichoke heart will go on for Faye dunaway. Etta Mommy dearest so it really is all about happy hour or and being Just Fun and really great stories I. I'm so proud of this book because it is so juicy and I do go there but it's never cruel you know. I say no celebrity was harmed in the making of this book. But we you know we're going to go there was gonNA keep it classy like hooker. Who just does oral? Yeah I love that. That's beautiful wait I tell the Faye dunaway story because well I just have to say I remember where I was when I saw mommy dearest. Where were you at the movie theater later? With my mother your mother who loved right when she brought you to see mommy dearest. Absolutely because she was now I look back now and I realize the the re you know it's like she grew up seeing this movie star and then this was the tel.. So it's just like if all of a sudden we found out when you know that Jello or whatever was horrible bitch. I never making a movie about you. We would run and go see it and my mom had like no filter. Hence that's why I love juicy scoop and she's like we're GonNa go see this movie. It's about this at this act like I didn't know you know they done away. I didn't know Joe I the joke coffered nothing so I thought and I thought it was amazing and I remember kidding bad reviews and I was like how did this get battery is fucking so juicy. See for beginning to. And you've never seen by the way for starters. I got to meet your mom and now this means you wish. I could've hung out with her more because she sounds like a lot of fun But Fade you've never. I've seen an actress like Faye dunaway. Go this hard into a movie. It'd be like Renee Zellweger and Judy. Yes she swung even harder and the movie was totally panned. And but this this this actress fade and we went so hard into Joan Crawford Party. Yeah the she should have been laughed at. She is left as I think she should be. Known for an Oscar for well. Okay so I was just on a flight this summer and you know they offer the movies on the little like not what you brought yourself. What their own little IPAD or whatever whatever Oh and so there's a lot there's a version of classics or whatever I understand like let me see at unlike mommy dearest I mean it was like the Best S. two hours of my life so long it was so good I'll tell you I think that's dangerous to have on a plane because all the gay attendants are just GonNa lean over your shoulder and watch it and what if what? If there's no word you see they're gonNa make Sh- later this part when she hits Christina and I remember I it gets outdoor nuts over here shot at it but I do remember my my mom going. How did this girl get? The part for Christine Young Christina was a problem and she continues to be the older. The older Christina with actions. It's actually an Oscar nominated actress. She just kind of awful in this younger Christina was like a weird voice. She's like godmother. Why did you if you re watch it now? Oh she kind of looks like a young really young Laura Linney and weird way. Yes I've thought about. I think about it every day. So tell me about meaning this this story later later in the book. There's just it's called a dollop of divas. Okay because it's like just little mini chapters. You can really just take a quick number two in read. And so they don't warrant their whole chapter after I met Faye Dunaway and I was so petrified where it was at the of Anti Fair Oscar party interviews like fading. We didn't do press but she just was like walking walking down talking to people and and they like what was she. There promoted. He was just there because it was the Vanity Fair Oscar party those legends. Just go to that. I love that. And they sort of like sauntered entre down all of a sudden she was in front of me and I'm like Oh my God I got I got and I was like. Don't bring up mommy dearest. Because she hates talking about mommy dearest does kind of ruin and things for her..

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