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It's giant. So, so they have music. They have television. They are into end, and I just am continue to be shocked. The biggest American publicly traded company still seems to be misunderstood by by analysts. It's amazing. Underestimate you've done this in your book and your writings over the years I've enjoyed 345. Buys where I sold and should have hold. What is the mental framework to not sell? So when you're younger, and and a little broker, you know, you start looking at trades that are working out. Hey, If I sell this here, I could buy a new car. And if this goes a little further, well, that's a down payment of the house and that sort of mixing the real world to your investment portfolios thinking about What it means in the real world. That's a That's a problem that a lot of young investors run into. That's very different. I've told the story many times that mid to late nineties I have vivid recollections of investors. Who had written through the seventies and enjoyed the eighties and nineties, saying, I'm going to take a little bit off the table from my portfolio, and I'm going to buy that vacation property I'm gonna do that's very different when you rotating from one asset to another. Then starting to think about your individual holdings and PS the crypto bro's love to do this with lamb bones. Hey, 40,000 on Bitcoin. I'm getting a Lambo. Well, now it's 50,000 And the question becomes. Is this a trading vehicle? Or is this something that you're using? To change your lifestyle to jump on that he Danek treadmill, not the best idea. Barry, if you're looking to take risk off the table, what would be your reason for doing? So, what is the biggest risk that you see? Um, well, Historically, investor behavior is always the biggest risk time and time again. That demonstrates itself I've written starting in July, and I think the street is kind of moved in this direction that the anti-vaxxers and having 30% of the American Population who is eligible for vaccine, refusing to take one. Potentially puts out at us at risk for an echo of 2020, not a full lockdown put an ongoing drag. I think the FDA approval yesterday. Might help that situation a little bit, and we've also seeing corporate America's leadership. Step up. I'm not a big New York Post reader. But there's a very amusing story Tweeted out this morning about Wall Street, marking the anti-vaxxers anti logic anti rationality, anti science. Members of their own. If you work on Wall Street, and you're not fascinated, expect to be humiliated and not be invited back to the office. Very riddles. Thank you so much. We greatly appreciate it. It's time now for a Bloomberg surveillance moment of silence. We do that for Mr and Mrs Lines Room, whereas they will survive the weekend as well. How your parents holding up cut to the chase. Everybody's doing great. Tom. Countdown is on. We're so excited. So ready. I didn't ask about logistics to take asked about you ever merits They're doing good. Martina and Andy. I bet they're listening right now. And and And this was deep planning into this Was this put together in 30 days. There has been one of these six year extravaganzas one year in the making, Tom, which I would like to think is a pretty short time and wedding wedding terms. Are you doing the grand tour of Europe? Is this the basic idea where you're gone? For three months and we see you know, I'll be back next Wednesday. I can't say what are too long. Like another romantic budding here. What are you coming back? Let me see. That's very funny. Well, where you Kaylie Thank you. Thanks. So much for your support here of Bloomberg surveillance with Pharaoh away, And we wish you um I don't know what we wish her my thoughts to your parents more than anything. Yes. Yeah, it'll be financed. And folks, this was a rumor that cut out on Twitter. Zac Brown is not playing the lines. Wedding Caylee. Best of good fortune coming up here. Balance of power. It's an eventful day in Washington. This morning. The president I believe, scheduled.

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