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Ray tonight on Nightside, where Space cowboys talking a little bit about space here with CBS correspondent Peter King. He's been covering the space games since the mid nineties. Or so. It has been a fan of space for, uh, well, pretty much his whole life. I don't want to put words in his mouth. But this is kind of a love affair, and I think, of course you you are in the media. So you had a way to, I guess, do more with space and be the reporter at all. But I think a lot of people Like I said, I was too when they when Neil Armstrong first landed on the moon, But I think a lot of people who grew up in that era and certainly if they watched the you know the landing on the moon, and we're into it. I don't know There's an affinity for space travel because they were there. Watching it from the beginning. Sure, And I think a lot of people have this dream of boy. Wouldn't it be kind of cool to go walking the moon or go see the earth from 300 Miles up or well to quote Captain Kirk from the first Star Trek movie? You know to go out there? Out there by the way out there First Star Trek movie. Worst of all of them, but that's uh, that's that's for a movie review. Show up, you know, but the second one, you know, rap Akane. That's a home run right there. And then it only gets better. But we're not talking space movies tonight, which we could We are talking about space. Peter King is with us. We're going to get to get a news break coming up in a couple of minutes. So I don't want to get too deep into anything. But we have the beginning of space, which, of course, uh, you know, and and it's it's not when President Kennedy said to land on the moon. I mean, there was stuff being done Even before that famous we'll land on the moon speech, and now we get to we landed on the moon. We beat the Russians there and then, uh, we kind of petered that out. And then we got the space as you mentioned. You know, we have the space shuttle which people got into and then we had a couple of disasters, which, of course, were terrible. And then space kind of. Mm. And now we've got we've got billionaires who are like, Hey, what are you doing this weekend to go to space? I mean, it's kind of weird. The circle. We've come here even though NASA still involved, um, where we're going in space has taken a turn from All government funded and now you've got, you know, billionaires having fun with it or at least but think about but think about how aviation got started. You know, Aviation started very, very small and then all of a sudden to turn into a very big commercial enterprise. Of course, it was much sooner for aviation than it was for space. It's taken almost, you know, 70 years for first space to turn into an entrepreneurial thing. Where is commercial Aviation was in its infancy. Really? Within 20 years, 30 years of the Wright brothers and you got and then we're going to take a break. But we got Branson and bezoza and musk all wanting to get to space, and it looks like we may be down to it Looks like maybe a one man race here. We'll have to see we'll talk about that. And more. Peter King is with us. You're with us. We'll take calls to if you want to talk about your memories of space 617254 10 30 Ben Parker in for Dan Ray on nightside. It's nightside.

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