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Him. Were like yelling about something else. But i think camping all news all the time. All right give us two minutes. We'll saw tend to date And she looks like she just got off of work. This is jim win. Actually do it in ten ten win voice. Tender date Bear witness to tender dates from hell. You're fighting with just gotten out of work right. She was pacheco's wearing like her. Like kind of cool like friends close and she had friends hair and then the dude who she was on a date with was wearing cowboy. Garb ahead to tell. Canadian tuxedo cowboy hat boots. And a bolo tie and they weren't talking about anything. Can you imagine if somebody were halloween costume to date. I would've thought either. I'm with it or he looked like a real easel. He just look like he was maybe soldier. A false bill of goods. I mean a man albany trista a cowboy was a real weasel. Yeah i mean this is the this is the land of vignettes people dressed like researchers and cowboys and all kinds of shit feeding Fading musicians were wear all black. Oh wait that's me. but A woman then sat next to me and complained that a restaurant had charter dollar for mayonnaise. And then i slowly realised because it's been so long since i've been hit on a she was that was her move. Oh yeah that's and that'll do and she was awkward woman shit. Yeah can you believe they charged me a dollar. And i was like yeah i can believe that i mean i and i kept saying looking kept saying the stuff isn't free. I mean even if they lost lead on probably. Aren't you know of male. Plus you're talking about the side of mayo for your fries already completely gross. So do you want some fries. And i was like okay. Let's you active rise to the bar. Yeah she brought fries so the bar and just mayo. No ketchup again. It was like a weirdo magnet night. And that's fine. I'm in hey whenever and people are into totally cool however she got very She got back like ten thousand yard. Sterry you gotta turn fucking ten. Is it that loud distract. No i thought could play forever. I like playing little things underneath. Oh yeah i think it enhances our push poll as caster all right anyway. She got mad about what she got mad. Because i Was shooting her down for her mayo and then she we're talking about. She's offering me fries. And i said no i'm okay. I'm striking matured. Finishes labatt blue fast as possible and then she got weird like th you know how people get like thousand yard stary where you can tell the struck a chord and they stare off into space i. That's what happened with her and she was probably like this. I can't even get this motherfucker. That's probably what she was thinking and I never feel awkward around people. Like i'm always the last person to be like awkward and out of a place and i got awkward and out of a place yo like everyone hills and everyone is all fucked up and we were past the point of helping. We just have to get out of their way now. That's i mean why was supposed to do. You're supposed to wordlessly for your beer on the fucking on the counter and then get up and leave. Jeez i mean i mean i guess i mean. That's that's just that's coming from a doctor What is your blood. Work comes back and it just says. Stop going to pint-sized Be fine with of course. of course i I got co worker. Who said oh i saw. That post is closing house. Yeah like you have any inside knowledge. I said i'm just kinda like remodel. It whatever and he's like what are you gonna do now do now. Stakeholder and i was like I was like well. I work six days a week. Maybe sometimes six and a half days a week. So i probably that then like have a beard home right now. I'm enjoying labatt blue light. That have been weirdo. No weirdo here. I'm the only weirdo in my house. Right now you're at the time of the story you were also enjoying labatt blue. Yes of course now. No not at the time. It was a right now. Yes i am enjoying labatt. Blue light delicious nutritious. But i answered him. I said i'm just working. And then there was no answer back. Maybe he realized the error of his ways. I'm why am i engaged in this pointless interaction. this is a co worker. Who asked man was wondering what was going on. Because the one i know. Oh yeah oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was like what am going to do now. I don't know my foundations weren't shaken by this thing. I guess it's just You know whenever. I'm fucking i. I left in two weeks literally closed. You know what i've thought about that. I my weekend. Suddenly philip work and you leave and suddenly. They closed because room spending seventy bucks a weekend there. Wow that's it done kind of. I mean i'm saving a lot of money now that i've been going out that much and i've been losing weight. I went to the second one to the doctor. And i was. I thought that their scale was wrong. Because i had some how lost ten pounds. Yeah tennis shoes. Yeah because i'm not drinking beer all the time everyday fucking drinking seventy dollars worth of beer every other day. Seventy dollars worth beer's not that many more yesterday's say seventy dollars worth of beer is not that many beers but it's enough i I hadn't drank at all since. I got here except for like one bad cocktail. I got an outback like early. On this week we went fucking harleys. We went hard for me four. She i heard i. I am like my lars hurting. I'm not responding. I'm done i'm done. We're not doing that anymore. I'm done. I'm refusing to play this game. Obviously did i just need to hear it from.

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