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And we welcome back to the final hour it's getting loudness building because we're an hour away from basketball we're on the mississippi the arch the gateway to the west and the first sec men's basketball tournament in st louis is one hour away and of course we'll have it for your seen as we head off the air one of the great parts of not only the sec football championship but the basketball tournament he's honoring legend and our next guest godfrey georgia is certainly suits that honor a played it vanderbilt and i think to say that he played basketball vanderbilt would would would not really be telling the story you followed the legendary harry wallows laws and i've read so much about what would both of you have gone through and i think and you know this as an attorney today very prominent terni the importance of talking about this and there's no way to sugarcoat what what you've got yourself into a i guess meat i wanna start off summit i have to ask you as someone who would receive scholarship offers from everywhere why did you go to vanderbilt well well you you know know i i i was politically active in in high school paul you know i had been class presidents to council president and you know the civil rights movement was very prominent in a time those a lot of people in the north that were born south to try to try to make america better and i just when scanner came in recruited me i just couldn't i said to myself wow this is an extraordinary opportunity for me i can really do something for my race and it be something that i could always be a proud of throughout my life and then in a lot of ways that came through.

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