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I said the s twice in at the dot myself so i mean what happened yesterday affects america differently depending on who you are and what you have and of course ultimately the color of your skin the one a if you've never seen the movie crashed with paul haggis i interviewed him once and in the movie the oblak guys and unethical eighty them is a television producer and his wife has they're having my kind of skin of sex he's driving through town right shouldn't do that obviously but matt dillon pulls him over and he makes him get out of the car and he puts them up outside the car matt dillon white guy and he feels are up literally in front of him and he can't do anything because he knows he'll be dead if he tries to hit the copy ties to stop and it to hagga said that that scene came that was of the first arc that he wrote when he was putting this together for this movie it's a good movie i mean it's something best movie neural but it's definitely about race threat los angeles and all and it just i just you know i thought of that think about how a different it is for people that don't look like me you have you know anyway so i just want to get to the toyota story toyota has come up with a way to save your.

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