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I up Hugh Jackman. Oscar nominees here to talk about his new HBO Film Bad Education Based on a true story Jackman Stars as a long island school superintendent, who was sent to prison for embezzling the million dollars from the public school system. Jackman talks about getting into character nails that New York accent brilliantly, plus he updates us on the upcoming. Broadway revival of the music man he set to star in the show with Sutton foster then later, Jackson's Young Better Education Co Star Geraldine Viswanathan, the twenty four year old fellow Aussie plays a high school student who uncovers the superintendents wrongdoings writing the story for the school newspaper. Find out what it was like working with Jackman why she may be watching. All of the Harry Potter Films During Quarantine, so stick around. I'll be right back with Hugh Jackman. An it career at ddat means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join. For challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers. Opportunity Billy Barron. Welcome back to the big ticket. Here's Hugh Jackman. Hey how are you get I mark? How are you I'm good? How are you doing how you cope an-and and all of this crazy upside down world yeah. You know what it's unluckily healthy. My family healthy my immediate family, he. and so I. Think I'm trying to keep things simple. and. Go back to gratitude, particularly for those people who are out there doing all the work so that we can stay at home I few little tip for me. I realized. I can't listen to the news too much. That's not good for me. trying to do a lot of simple grounding things. You know time together cooking. cheeks puzzles Connah's stuff that brings us together as a family. You know I know my husband and I are doing a jigsaw puzzle. I think the last time I did. A Jigsaw puzzle is probably fifteen. It's addictive. It's crazy. So what are you guys cooking? What is Hugh Jackman Cook I? Just cooked today Am I have to say? The first time. It's quite successful. Low COBB bread, low carb for sounds bad, right? It sounds like what's the point. And I have tried a couple of times when being a moving darts and Blah Blah Blah. but I had someone in my house. Like I'm trying to. Let's COPS I'm like. Let's have a look and I found this thing and it was actually yummy. Now the person, the actual person who wants it. Thought I found a really yummy to. Believe you I believe you. You. You close down. Your cafe in New York too obviously out of say. Yeah we did. We have we lucky to have. Big of our business is the politics that we have the recyclable pods that we sell online through the correct system, so we look, we have that at. I'll tell you I get I gotTA. Tell you honestly I get stopped y more. Like Below Times Square I will get stopped three times about my cafe in once about my movies like it was like hey. Jay Cafe Man I. Love The coffee and I'm. So happy I I think my egos, but like I think my copies more famous than me. Which is obviously the golf when the world is back to so called normal. How many more cafes do you want to open up? I don't know. It's always a good question. Obviously for me, I did You know Paul Newman was my sort of inspiration on all. This I'm not ever read the book. Shameless exploitation pursuit of common good. That was written by partner. It's fantastic, and it's a highly with raid and you know that's really what inspired us to create it and so obviously I wanted to. Make the foundation as big as possible to help as many femmes as possible, and you know I think we're the only one in the coffee spice way gaming. All, my profits back I think is a total company seventy five percent back to the farmers and we. You, know we. We have recyclable pod. We doing really good things so as a social business services because possible, and whether that set of online through the pods. We definitely promote cafes. We literally just by the way I've been this month. Actually an extension of Cafe down in dwayne straight that anyway it'll it'll. It'll happen in town. So how'd you like your coffee? strong. Strong, black, strong, double espresso, I, like or in America, sometimes a little bit of hot milk in it. Sometimes. But I generally like sort of straight, and you know in Australia. We complete snobs coffee snobs. So we were the first place in new. York City to have a flat wide Yeah, Oh, the Ozzy's I think. Business was started by the fifty thousand dollars. These live in New York City. 'cause I all came from all of it. Come and get a flat lauded applies see I'm not a SNOB. I'm from NEW YORK. City, so you give me an ice per day, Ghor, Korean market, coffee and fine. Yeah right yeah. I get it I'm attic like him in. South! and. I do want to ask you when when you with Corona. Virus and cove nineteen when you look at Broadway heartbreaking, is it to see? Just completely dark. Is Devastating I don't think. Anyone I could ever have imagined a world way. We wouldn't find a way to come together to his stories, you know. I've always said over the many many years. You know things change. We're GONNA. DVD's now. We're going to streaming, and now it's flakes. And what's GonNa Happen to film it. Will it get a cinemas anymore and I'm thinking the one thing. That will always be there is the humans desire to come together the stories in alive since and I do believe that will happen and I. Don't know how that will happen. but this is just been devastating just how many people I know, musicians crews ashes. we. Really supporting the actors fund a lot because I that do such amazing work right across the industry, not just act obviously, but crews and headdresses and united ashes. Everybody it's is. I. Don't know the numbers on Broadway I know in a strategy out. There are six hundred thousand jobs in the entertainment industry. All of you know that six hundred thousand country twenty million, so. Probably working population of what eight million, so that's a lot of people working in into time a continental. What it's like here and I think it's very much the lifeblood culturally as well as economically for the city, and you know it's just been absolutely those tiny, and you're getting ready to do music man yes. Yup you know we still you know as I think the Scott Rudin. You know every other day and you know we do to start rehearsals on June twenty, nine th and that hasn't changed. and Alpha's preview September fifteenth, but of course you know we'll have to see what happens, you know..

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