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Skies in downtown seattle taylor van cise our editor i'm tom hutyler thanks for joining us this morning and early this morning thai high school was what a lockdown after student brought a handgun on campus the king county sheriff's office says that school security immediately took the gun away from the student when he arrived at the school he's now a custody highline public schools as a student posted about the weapon on social media over the weekend avalanches in the cascades now claiming five lives in the past week as comes brian calvert reports the experts are warning against visits into the back country kitted has county undersheriff klay myers at his deputies have recovered three bodies in the last week in a written statement he says just google avalanche danger you'll likely across the northwest avalanche set her website where the warnings are dire it's been one of the more deadly witters this year in the back country in addition to the death saturday of two snowmobile riders to bellevue teens were killed by an avalanche as they snow shoot near snow lake late last month that same day five snowmobile riders were buried by snow all but one made it out the national weather service estimates ninety percent of avalanches are human caused and right now with a snowpack higher than normal the danger in the more remote areas remains high if you want to get out in the snow there are plenty of marked areas and trails to visit going beyond their borders is truly taking a risk brian calvert komo news komo news time eleven oath three sometimes the man's home is his castle others times's always his truck that's what it can't gotti judges ruled a couple scorn aches as the decision could abroad implications for the area's homeless population steven long's 2000 gmc pickup was parked on a city sidestreet when the city of seattle towed away city loss as a vehicle parked on a street must be moved every seventy two hours or face impound long was otherwise homeless he had been living in the.

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