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Sometimes sometimes you just gotta keep giving and keep doing until you you do it like i think i hit him enough. You've never seen an athlete that i love go to a press conference and i felt like we did enough to win. Yeah yeah what happened out there. Well we did enough yeah. Yeah you're right. I never thought about it that way but you're right and a lot of people do that. A lot of people work what they think is the right amount of work and then they get angry and quit and they lose yeah and on yeah. One of my favorite things like i've ever done is is walls world because it was just a band of brothers and sisters like we got thrown in jail in sicily we got chased by like wild sicilian white supremacists really yeah and like you know. We were in some really funky situations. We got teargassed in istanbul. Gay pride parade like a lot of bad things happen. A lot of guests dropped out a lot of people were like like dicks where we went you know but we always persevered <hes> and you know my favorite episode. Ever is like r._d._c. episode because because we plan to go to d._c. In delight episode like coming home and showing people in southeast d._c. And <hes> you know things that like i think are culturally culturally important that d._c.'s contributed to the world but then trump got and not try. It was trump's inauguration the same week right and it was going to be part of it. We knew was was the inauguration. We knew we were going to work that into the episode but when the riots broke out the the the day of you've the women's march we ono the riots broke out the day of the inauguration before the women's march and i remember there was like a car on fire and all these things were going on and i called our producer. I was like look. We need a team huddle. Everybody like let's meet in my wpro so me the producers we met in the room and we just made a decision like we came here for one story but clearly like things have changed mhm. This is a lot worse than we ever thought like this countries in worse shape than we ever thought it'd be in like there is a real divide and we were like let's it's not fight what's going on. Let's not fight the footage like let's hit the streets. Let's cancel a lot of stuff. We have planned and let's capture people's thoughts and feelings. Let's work double time. Let's work hard. Let's just go you know and that's like the episode. I'm most proud of because everyone was just like fucking. We're gonna work double time..

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