Emmy Award, Scott Alexander Dave, Donald Trump discussed on The Writers Panel


Ageism is real and they impact the studios agencies settled a lawsuit with writers maybe ten years ago and what was amazing to me was the cutoff age for participating in this suit was not sixty it wasn't fifty it was forty and you know most professions just kind of hitting your stride we're like professional athletes but without any award initial nothing like professional athletes they're so good at what they do we're probably gonna have to wrap this up soon i don't know if we have time for one more question something really upbeat about isn't it all good or something something it's rainy out we're here at scurr ball it's just end on a real high note i'm gonna go with what's going to be good yes emmy award winning scott alexander dave was golden age of comedy very influential you were there talk about those days sure spy was considered so unique because it was snarky and now the entire internet is snarky and it's hard to sort of appreciate but it was the birth of the short fingered vulgarity epitaph for donald trump people don't know there were other ones that didn't catch on like there was queens born failed casino operator was another one but yeah we dispensed donald trump and he was never heard from again.

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