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Are now posted outside the home of Brian laundry's family Scott Carr reports The signs went up along the home's perimeter today as media cruise continued their stakeout of the property Human remains found in Florida's Carlton nature reserve this week were positively identified by police as belonging to the 23 year old missing fiance of 22 year old Gabby petito Police say they're still trying to determine if there's any link between laundry and potatoes death Police described laundry as the only person of interest in her strangulation death in Wyoming I'm Scott Carr A senior Al-Qaeda leader is dead after a U.S. drone strike U.S. central command says the precision strike in Syria took out Abdul Hamid Al metar According to a command spokesman the removal of the senior leader will disrupt the terrorist group's ability to carry out attacks threatening Americans U.S. allies and innocent civilians An investigation is underway after a prop firearm discharge by actor Alec Baldwin killed one crew member and injured another on a film set in Santa Fe New Mexico on Thursday Hollywood weapons expert Larry zanoff says strict measures are supposed to be in place to prevent such a tragedy The questions that I would always ask is were the safety guidelines of our industry followed The blanks are not designed to do what the final outcome of this was The local county sheriff's offices the prop gun went off on the set of the western titled rust at bonanza creek ranch Baldwin was reportedly told the gun was safe before firing it The director of photography 42 year old Helena Hutchins was killed authorities filed no charges after they questioned Baldwin Production of the film has been shut down The American Film Institute is setting up a scholarship for women's cinematographers following the death of Hutchins reportedly the institute is accepting donations for the scholarship fund that aims to help female cinematographers build sustainable careers in the movie business I'm Chris courage The Justice Department is going after lending abuse in the housing sector We are wasting no time getting to work The civil rights division currently has several open redlining investigations and through partnerships with U.S. attorney's offices the department expects to open more in the months ahead Attorney general Merrick Garland opened a briefing by condemning the practice of redlining He said it involves discriminatory practices by lending institutions that harm minority communities Carlin noted redlining violates federal law The federal deficit is reaching the second highest point in its history Lisa Taylor reports The Treasury Department says the fiscal year 2021 deficit hit $2.8 trillion The highest number ever recorded came in the previous fiscal year as the economy got hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic That's when the government spent trillions of dollars to prop up the economy and help struggling Americans I'm Lisa Taylor Rock a Rod Stewart and his son are planning to go to trial after an incident in South Florida Stewart is being accused of pushing a security worker after being denied entrance to the breakers Palm Beach resort two years ago the venue was hosting a private event at the time The case was supposed to be finalized in court with an undisclosed plea deal The state is now requesting a jury trial another trial date has been set for January 25th of next year It's finally starting to look like fall and parts of New York's tri state area This happens when chlorophyll levels drop due to fewer hours of daylight and colder air the process can bring out vivid colors as the leaves turn shades of yellow orange and red leaf peeping is already started to the north and west but leaves have been slower to change colors closer to the city due to the warm fall temperatures and in music history news on this date back in 1976 Led Zeppelin made their U.S. television debut on Don kirshner's rock concert they performed black dog and dazed and confused I'm Chris courage And I am susannah Palmer and Bloomberg newsroom President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the ambassadors of ten nations including the U.S. Germany and France were no longer welcome in Turkey This after they demanded the release of a prominent businessman and philanthropist The battle that's tearing apart Rogers Communications has escalated former chairman Edward Rogers claims he has regained control of the board and his sister is warning that family members will quote spend every penny to stop his power play Edward Rogers said late Friday that he had delivered a shareholder resolution to replace 5 existing directors immediately with 5 of his own allies His sisters and their mother wife of Ted Rogers who started the company say he won't get what he wants Citigroup has agreed to conduct an audit of how its business impacts non white communities We get more about that from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet Citigroup becomes the first major Wall Street bank to agree to such a move this audit will be conducted by attorneys at Covington and burling and Citigroup says it will focus on its 2020 commitment to dedicate a $1 billion toward initiatives It hopes will close the persistent racial wealth gap in the United States where the average net worth of a white family is nearly ten times higher than that of a black family Charlie Bloomberg radio Broadway is truly back with the return of the phantom of the opera The curtain rose again on the longest running show in Broadway history making its triumphant return following the 19 month pandemic pause The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical returned Friday night at the majestic theater The sell out crowd roared in response to the legendary chandelier rising once again and the sound of the organ.

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