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The stories we tell about size and Eric heights at the editor's desk on top of that president trump says a report about death said affections increasing dramatically now that some states are opening their economies do not include mitigation the White House predicts the number of deaths could double as businesses reopen trump said the admitted Americans will continue to follow guidelines including social distancing and good hygiene he's also visiting Phoenix today in that city's mayor knows what she wants to hear from him and met us you'd be on M. S. N. B. C. K. get you go says she wants to hear the president is still committed to saving American lives okay raising a couple of issues the area is facing in regards to corona virus including an increasing number of cases in the state a tester capacity that's now starting to go up the company's done nine sixteen in the port processing shut down leading to massive losses in the pig farming industry I have to go to market at a certain size if they get any larger they can't be process and that's been a big problem for pig farmers in Wisconsin were saying up to a million hogs a day backing up Tom Mueller is with maple creek farm some of the other people that we work with the computer my diets but the problem is you know I died I'm so long and they still have a bunch of little ones coming up behind them that need space in the barn he says they sell their pork to caterers but that market is dried up so they're not trying to sell pork products directly to the public Ribeiro ABC news worker at a brassica poultry plant dies from covert nineteen as meat processing facilities are becoming the subjects of increased focus after being traced to thousands of cases in more than twenty deaths Lincoln premium poultry in Nebraska said in a statement Monday that one of its employees has died from covert nineteen the company says it's seen a total of twenty eight cases and has implemented additional screening and cleaning procedures as well as the mandatory use of masks it says beginning in March the company provided a two dollar per hour pay increase to all hourly workers Markram alarmed ABC news and inflammatory syndrome that may be connected to covert nineteen is making some kids very sick here's ABC's Stephanie.

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