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What's up dave not much. It feels weird to just the two of us on the screen though. Yeah i mean. I'm used to doing it with one other person at this point but i mean it's i everything philly. Some people are waiting for some dramatic entrance from brian. Anthony davis no. He's he's out in the woods playing yogi bear or something. I don't know what he's doing out there but You could tell what you said definitely definitely not barra hall of famer. That's not bad so okay. welcome everyone. that's watching us live on facebook. If you're listening to us on podcast for me did not have a facebook page we do. It's very large facebook. Page over one hundred thousand followers find this just by searching buying steel curtain also. Those are watching us on youtube. We appreciate your support. Our live chat on youtube is outstanding best desk group ever and last week. We asked everyone to chime in. Let us know where you're watching firms if you want to whether you're watching on facebook or on you to go ahead love to see how far reaching our show is already dang from mexico. We are global dave. I'll tell you what we are global just as yeah absolutely so The pittsburgh steelers got back to work today and it wasn't just hey we're here. We're showing up. And i'm glad they got back to work. 'cause i swear this morning dave hours ready to throw something through wall if i had to hear brook prior anyone on espn spouting off about ben rothlisberger shirt. That says different. I mean all my gosh. How bad of newsday that we are having the listen to these talking heads that know nothing about the steelers. By the way. Because mike greenberg i went off on twitter. Page about that odd. So he he was. I go steelers offensive line which is one. I'm not saying they were good but they could pass. Protect the only surrendered. What fourteen sacks last season's ex and he's like oh he got beat up and i'm like dude you then was throwing the ball to get beat up. And then it was worth anti bruce area writings and then of course. There's people on twitter there. Were you know quarterback hits or difference. I i know that. I'm not an idiot but at the same time it just really irks me You know when these national now. I don't watch nfl work. I don't watch espn. I only saw that on twitter but that just solidifies. Why and i talked about this on my. Let's ride for friday morning. You is fans. If you're a die. Hard fan i i say this because obviously it's uh but i'd rather listen to whether it's me or chris carter unlocked on steelers. We know more about the team than these idiots on. Espn and all nfl network stuff. The dave that's just a low rant sorry to get off on that. Yeah i mean. We saw earlier this week when all of a sudden national media wants to chime in with with the steelers when they signed ingram. I i'm. I'm gonna call mark sixteen times. I know i am just what i'm doing. I've already did an article so now back that and then just move on. And they're like. Oh yes so now though. Have t. j. Watt melvin ingram and quincy rochet and they stopped. I'm like you obviously do not follow the steelers in any grew. What's going on and really really tiring really frustrating. But yet that's where people go to because of her name but it doesn't mean that they really know diddley squat or what's going on in they keep on bringing up ben's wait i mean he's going into year eighteen people. Why does why do we care at this point. As long as it is he able to stay healthy is he still able to throw the football and easy so able to do what he does. Best in that's on the field and you know can allude pass rushers if the answer. All three things are yes. And he's winning football games. What who anyways is it gives is five dollars thank you. Isaac longtime listener says listening on blog. Talk radio we're not on blog. Talk radio if you're listening on blog talk radio. You're listening to some really old. No we're not blog talk radio. You can actually hear us right now. Good point very good point shield. Ninety one gives us five dollars. We appreciate says. I only listen and re btc and we always say behind a steel curtain dot. Com should be your one stop shop. And i say this all the time. I'm not naive enough to think that you all anyone. That's listening to this or watching is only going to check our site. I just hope that if you had only one choice you choose us. That's our goal. That's our goal that you might use something else. that's fine. that's it's okay. There's a ton of outlets out there and a lot of really good. We have a lot of good working relationships with a lot of people so anyways The steelers did get back to work and it was news besides Outside of ben rothlisberger wait slash wardrobe Out of the stuff. That took place dave on day one in training camp and i know you've been following the news like i have What stood out to you. Because my recap particle will be out tomorrow morning friday morning but what what what stood out to you anything in particular or did you notice. I only heard a report of one thing of actual on field play. I only heard of one. You know you talk about. Who was there who did but actually playing the only thing that i heard her i was able to see was antoine. Brooks junior apparently got an interception playing slot. Cornerback against ben rothlisberger. So because it was something that he mentioned or he was asked about during his interview. Which i haven't seen the whole thing. I've ever seen parts of that. 'cause i'm busy trying to dissect coach tomlin's interview that's about all i heard for actual plays on the field. The only other thing that stands out was one player to not participate. And that was kevin dotson. Apparently he's dealing with something you know i. Maybe he's not properly conditioned. I'd didn't say cheap bad now. But it's not that no one starting on on the on the pup list but coach tomlin said that it'll be something where we're talking days until he's ready to go in the compound. Your anton rooks junior comment. Is that rothlisberger. said in. This is something that when you think back to the mike tomlin interviews in minicamp. He talked about anton brooks junior and they have him and this is something event rothlisberger said right now. He's getting the first shot. I'm not saying he's the answer. This is one practice people. But he's getting the first shot replacing mike hilton. I thought that was very interesting. We all assumed or gas or prognosticator. It'd be james. Maybe james pierre shocker brown and they will probably get our opportunities but i never would have guessed antoine brooks. Junior would have been the first up. You agree with that. Yeah i mean. I don't know anything. Yeah that's that's that's very interesting thing. I think it means something well but coach. Tom could also make the comments like you was first up-to-date center was kendra green. And he was saying we want guys. They're going to be that we want us the they're going to be starting the hall of fame game to get the reps now to get them ready for that. You know some of these younger guys. They're trying say they might not be the guy but they might be the guy that's going to be in that game and it could be that they're saving other people could be whatnot. But no i think the games perfect opportunity for kinder- green to be the starter and there. I mean coach tomlin already announced him as starter He said if you want a story there you go but all that means is that he starting the fame game so they're trying to get some of those guys up to speed so it's interesting but bottom line is is something we're going to be talking about. Come september right now is my big thing was also the kendrick green announcement that kendrick green is going to be starting in that first preseason game so a lot of fans will just kind of pooh-poohed this news and It is what it is. It's a it's a meaningless. Preseason game i completely disagree. I completely disagree based on the fact that i look at kendrick. Green is someone that is going to have an opportunity to take the by the horns so to speak and if he plays well enough. He's not going to relinquish that job. And that's important in a he could easily say we're gonna get. Bj finney out there. I he's a veteran. He's been in the program..

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