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That that this is not this is maybe again not to not to blame anyone but it's may be sort of muddled thinking that that trying to educate consumers that somehow features in the car should be considered subscriptions i don't think that's what that's what consumers are a are really accustomed to the though the value um all of contents software and service does and then i certainly i certainly wouldn't pay um maybe maybe will educate a newgeneration to pay for these things but i i'm i'm i'm skeptical though the other interesting recent news was uh dyson a british company uh apparently jumping in the electric car waters in a serious way so this is another theme we've discussed the next car the the changing supply the changing a maybe the changing business model enabling new entrance it's fascinating so let me let me get for those who don't know dyson uh the you know it's it's an interesting story i think a sudden it's also one of several english interesting english engineering stories i dunno if there's something about the air in england but or the water in england but you have these very quirky companies like thyssen also a brompton which is which is known for for its folding bikes i met their ceo byways fascinating company um plus you have companies in the automotive sector like uh obviously the formulaone companies the williams in the mclarens uh gordon murray with whom we talked about the fours as a sort of a a designer in engineer of cars and now of other things as well and so you have kind of this interesting boutique type of engineering companies that sometimes shirley hit it big in the mclaren is certainly started out as a as an engineer company for formula announced cut him has its own brand making making hypercars uh but i also discovered that they have williams for example which is a formula one engineering company as well does does sort of engineering work for other people to build they'll take so phobia one technology like the kerr's assist them which is the connectik energy recovery system at apply for example.

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