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Twenty twenty one. So let's just say today. We hosted fake news. You can hold it against this. Oh go into next year so yes allied Dry one of twenty twenty two june thirtieth of twenty one now they used to go basically january to december but they switch things up and they didn't eighteenth month window for the last one. I don't know how they're gonna fix it going forward or they may just stay with this. But here are some of the nominees Did you say anything about this. Goes or you want me to rattle off. Some of these nominees wanna hear the nominees fighter. The year marino amazon. So that's but new champion over there at belts for yaroslava anisimov oliveira and mehovic female fighter. The remember what did these guys are. Gals do between july first of twenty twenty one or twenty twenty two june thirtieth of twenty twenty one shed july first the twenty twenty two june thirtieth. Twenty twenty one. There you go mom marino amazon oliveira luggage right away. I can think of. I think those ma bought maswadeh all. I think it was july. Twenty twenty twenty twenty so that burns and multiple again. That's three wins. He may be tough to beat because marino drew in december. He so one in late november and then he won. I believe in may or june. So he's line two zero one one. We might have all of our b ferguson. Going back to last year. The navy chandler. I can't remember if there was one other fight so this has got released time research yet. But i'm gonna tell my head that's how you should play it out. You don't want include. Any of the happened on june thirtieth twenty twenty. Because it's out of the window. It's it ends then. It starts july first. Twenty twenty all the way to june thirtieth twenty twenty one. You kinda you understand. That goes okay. Female fight of the year. Kenzi dern kayla harrison bounciness valentina. Go rose No amanda newness. Wow all right i mean. Even if she only have one appearance. I think you always include earth but whenever breakthrough fighter the year Shimin jury Brandon marino yaroslava amazon kevin holland international fighter the air within them. Cough israel Amazon robert whitaker and your luggage is yaroslava. Stop on the committee for nominations. And ana time russian fighter the year in okay. Jovan daily versus mossy at bell tour to fifty seven barbosa versus burgos to to figure out overseas marino. You'll see two six Versus raise you'll see on espn twenty-three ponzi be overseas by isa ufc fight night. One eighty nine knock out of the air agent mckee over dan caldwell a paul crag over jamal hill jimmy flick over cody durden anthony hernandez over rodolfo vieira admitted them over just engaging comeback the air paul daily versus Salah on seat belts or two fifty. Seven don lee stanley riches. Martin win at Inside the matrix sean. Strickland his career comeback one. I described earlier. Rose eunice also coming back Career charles oliveira Michael taylor michael was laxed on around. One was maybe even some tornados. There knocked him down working back up to the ear adrian. Riots over dimitrius johnson. We might have a winner. Shanna dobson over maria. A- of cola. Klay collared anthony one upgrade new versus eddie hours possible anthony hernandez versus rebel. Romero yeah that might be a two because of the way he did it. Which i thought was he The submission champ to go back and check it all right Coach of the year. Eric's goes henry hoot mike braun. Trevor wittman jason derulo trainer the year. Fill the rue sam khalida jordan sullivan. Chase suggests both animal jimmy. The year american top team city kickboxing elevation fighting ruka. Sanford maine referee of the year. Her dean dan mcglinchey outta mark smith jason herzog mark goddard ring card girl year. Arianna celeste. lucina androgen brooklyn ran. Brittney palmer cassia matteo kelsey. Lastly leading manager year. Dana white buys will give them the trophy now ed's Mahar designed line dr. Yup that lasts rinker girl. When i was reading like an when i looked at the Like the case. No you're right. It could be the same plan right. Best promotion to the air bell tournament. Lfa brave combat federation uae warriors. Ufc nope efl goes no-one championship both statement personality of the year. Jon anik daniel. Cormie joe rogan laura sanco shale sunan analyst of the year robin black. Michael bisbee holfelder. Dan hardy john mccarthy. Best anime programming morning combat dana ally contender series..

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