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You know, if you could find yourself Lou Keithly say than that's worth it because that guy is so much better than almost any other player. You know, Luke, Keith the Bobby Wagner. You can find a true transcendent talent than it does kind of change things a little bit. And you could definitely argue the Nelson falls into that category uncertainty. Darius Leonard from what we see in right off the bat has dramatically exceeded all expectations as well. Right. Because I just found it interesting that they're arguably the best offensive and defensive rookies in the NFL there at least in the discussion and it through Chris Ballard took in the first and second round. And yet here we are where the colts have turned it. Around and I feel like those guys have been major major factors, but they've done to positions that I think a lot of I think you'd be hard pressed to get a lot of GM's to take anybody those positions before the third or fourth round just because of the relative lack of import they put on those positions. Right. And they Daphne happen arts and turning this all around, but it's also important to look at the impact that the scene is made on both sides of all. So the tire colts offense of line is teacher MAC improved and so much of that is because of this Frank Reich offense where the ball is coming out faster than ever before. And Andrew luck team. He's completely changed the way that system works. It used to just be all set and set drops. And if luck has the ball Lamad off, he'll find something. Good deep. Dan the field. Whereas now they're scheming plays getting the ball out of his hands quickly and the job. Those guys have on the offense of line is. Ways to that used to be because they're not asked to pass protect for his law. And obviously anytime you could shorten the length of time offense lineman or asked to hold their blocks. It's gonna make things better amend. The defense is well, we're seeing that they may not have the best talent mind for Matt across the league. But that scheme has been simplified to the went those guys don't have to fake about what they're doing. They just have to line up and play on. I think there's something to that. You can play defense in a variety of different ways. You can have a scheme that requires shacks and constant movement on disguises in all this kind of stuff where he could do with the colts zoo, which is kinda just line up on if everybody knows what they're doing on a given play your your place feed. Every single snap is quicker than everybody else in that. I think in particular really helps guy like Darius Leonard you could just react flight of the ball families get into the all protein now. And I think the way I wanna do this is that really going over with. My listeners I'll say it. And then if you have a problem with it. I want you to interject and let me know, and then we can discuss it a little bit. You can tell me who you thought would have been a better choice. If you felt like you had a problem with it. So quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Give any issue there. Now, I think Patrick Mahomes is the clear front, right? I think drew Brees is definitely into discussion. Those are really the only two guys you need to talk about. Girly running back or tyreek hill at flex. Yeah. Girlie running back is our first big problem when you look at his numbers spectacular. Nobody will argue that. And he's a great player. But when you look at the volume of that production that has been essentially produce by this Los Angeles Rams scheme. It's way more than it is for other players. So you only need to throw on the tape to look at the giant holes Todd Gurley has to run through and see impacted C J Anderson made when they put him into the lineup late in the year. When Gertie was hurt. He had backed by one hundred yard games. And it's you know, Todd Gurley is just running through these giant holes. The Rams had the number one offensive line in the NFL, according to PF s run blocking grades..

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