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About how many chips head. Yeah but that's on your friend. Yeah but it's the total scumbag but he was like covering up his chips. He was like let me see your child. Have to raise your arm. If you say a number you can say any number of its scummy friend of the program. Jake schwartz got pretty screwed at the final table of Wbz five diamond Two or three years ago where I think one of the the recreational guys at the final table opened and jake was in the big blind with ace jack. I think And he asked the guy only gypsy on. Because you know they're big stacks. They weren't even sacks of ten or twenty or whatever And the guy. The guy. I don't i forget if he if it ended up coming out that he like had history of that or like did it on purpose but completely Lied undershot. Let's say it was like. He said he had two million behind three point. Two million instead of being like a twenty bonchamps feels like a thirty five blind shop. Do you think it should be not a good hand. Do you think it'd be a not like not just an unwritten rule but like an actual rule that you have to use your best ability to say but you're penalized for lying not penalize phone purposely. Deceive no no. Because i think there are ways to to help with that naturally for me like it'd be much easier if it was a rule where you had to keep your your chips and stacks of yes a tens or twenty dougherty is ripe in like you should have to keep its twenties or in denominations of ten her. I get people want to like build fancy fund castles but it just like speeds the game up. It's much easier it's cleaner it's and then that's stuff that type of stuff doesn't happen you don't have to rely on. Somebody is keeping their word or you know you're being accurate was almost linda. Sorry what was that. What was the what was one more east like kinda lot about it and got win a hand and he was kind of coverage stack and ryan. I mean you. Should boys hawkins your jake's especially when he lied so something he basically got win a hand to induce a mistake. And i'm talking. Ron ron lynn. And great grey do but he was always one of those guys wanna screw goes all. I'm talking oh but a fistfight at the table on hotel two. I sitting there like like trying to kind of wins back but trying to stay away from it. It's like eighty catered. I broke fight if two people get just called me out of here. But he's best player.

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