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Derek i'm ray back to another episode all hi guys welcome to another episode of mostly litz hello hello me you know that's what they say on the introduction that we now have today we have an amazing episode few guys we have a very special guest and she's going to introduce ourselves by way of reading from her brand new novel so this is the first chapter is called way too old birds go to die she lived in the graveyard like a tree at dawn she saw the cruise off and welcome to bat home had dusk she did the opposite between shifts she conferred with the ghosts of cultures that loomed in her high branches she felt the gentle grip of their talents like an ache in an amputated limb she gathered they weren't altogether unhappy at having excused themselves and exited from the story when she first moved in she endured months of casual cruelty like a tree would without flinching she didn't tell him to see which small boy had thrown a stone atto didn't crane her neck to read the insults scratched into her bach when people call her name's clown without a circus queen without a palace she led the hurt blow through her branches like a breeze and use the music of her rustling leaves as bomb to ease the pain it was only after the outline the blind imam who had once led the praise in the fatih pootie mustard befriended her and began to visit her that the neighborhood decided it was time to leave her in peace.

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