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Too far led us to be we leave it up. So far. Yeah. Really my Corey off Mike, Mike. Bro. I you still fifty one percent right now, we're going with the fourteen seat means said over into the three seat key scary story. So vote now on Twitter are sound sixteen bracket. The Amine said the fourteenth seed is fifty one percent. To key scary story, forty nine one. Can we play? The key scary story to refresh people's mind. That's an all request Wednesday thing. That's tomorrow. You know, the one it's the one where he throws the shoot. He goes. Okay. We hold on. Thank you it is unfair. If we played a mean sale. It's like you gotta as long people. What's going on? Yeah. I kind of you don't want to seem like a corrupt election know, why he does that what happened at a chap has ravine last night. Dodgers lost four to two Joe Kelley got waxed. And then I was gonna say introduction to his hearing last night Joe Kelley actually was getting at the ravine one and two thirds innings pitched last night. Four hits four earned runs home run. The second home run he has given up into appearances as a dodger. He was supposed to be the big off season pitching get for this team. And thus far he has not been very good Elsie. He has not an coming on a heels his brand performance in the World Series. Obviously we thought we had made the Bosox weaker by subtraction. Well, now, we've gotten a little bit weaker by Titian because this Joe is not the Joe that we saw now maybe these are only two times he'll call up the ams and from the rest of the season. He's just going to be outstanding. But you earn those boos? They don't do off. Often the fans don't boot like that often. You know, what though they don't do often? But I have found over the last few years once they get upset they get mercilus like they like they don't do off in. But once they decide to boo once we decide who you like what the thumbs the gladiator thumbs up thumbs down like once that foams down comes out. You are getting booed hor could you earned it? Yeah. You have to really do some stuff to get us a stain boot like US Pedro bias if these fans will boo. I mean, he knows what that's like he's been through that for like two seasons. This isn't Philly where we boo because essentially it up. Yeah. You know, this is this is earned boo and so- Joe. Congratulations and two outings, you've managed to earn a boo. Now, what we need you to do is actually throw some strikes because about three Annie's you've given us two strikes. Two strikeouts and three innings pitching. No. That's not a good radio dog. But when you've given up as many home, ROY. Runs as strikeouts. That's not a good ratio at all. No. And it's important to remember too that Joe Kelley as great as he was for the Red Sox against the dodgers last year in the World Series. He had not been very good up to that point. Like he actually had been shaky enough that there was some talk that he wasn't even going to make the postseason roster. So you know, Joe Joe Kelley leading up to that World Series. Where clearly the dodgers saw a lot of them. And they were impressed by what they saw that wasn't all of Joe Kelley last year. And it speaks to just what a crap shoot it can deal with relief pitchers. So right now his ear as of eighteen I'm I'm thinking about may come down. Oh, yeah. But vast season to your point for point three nine it's kinda high. Yeah. The season before that those two point seven nine. Not bad season before that five point one eight. But again belief pitching, it's all just a crap shoot. A really quick Chris in LA has got some Toni basil now. Hey, good morning fellows. Good morning. A little unknown fact about Tony bay..

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