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A twenty five hundred HD Silverado it's bigger and has more powerful engines both gasoline and diesel and there's a lot of new technology including advanced trailering inside you can really load up the luxury the bigger thirty five hundred version can tell more than thirty five thousand pounds a ten speed transmission helps with fuel economy work truck buyers expect more than ever with their pick ups and the old new heavy duty Chevy Silverado delivers and deserves a full five stars what a car chronicles test drive I'm Jeff Gilbert CBS news this only radio news apps for breaking news CBS news radio the only radio news apps for breaking news CBS news radio looking for a six figure salary head to your nearest Taco Bell Amaran band Miller on business the fast food chain announced it will pay some restaurant managers hundred thousand dollar salary current salaries for general managers are between fifty and eighty thousand a year the new model will be tested in select locations in the Midwest and northeast in addition to higher paychecks the companies also testing a new role for employees who want leadership experience but not a management position the company says it's a way to keep good workers in the labor market is becoming more competitive and it's not the only company trying to stand out of the game major retailers cosco and Walmart are also offering a higher salary for management positions it's not all about the money in an effort to keep people coming through the doors Taco Bell also announced a plan to make all customer packaging recyclable provide more options for vegetarians if that's still not enough for you to consider.

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