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Eric hebron defending eric hebron always gonna be so awesome is gonna masing where are you guys at where are you guys at now he's terrible is this i'm sorry like he keeps dropping football's evan another bad drop in the end zone field day another bad drop from eric lebronettes one catch on four targets the bottom line is if you're playing him weektoweek matthew like you're hoping for like a four catch for forty yard performance what he hit a touch on a couple of weeks ago like you aren't even hoping for like six for aiding a touchdown we are in week five three of the five weeks that eric hebron has played he has had a game with less than ten receiving yards like even in a position as desolate as tight end in fantasy eric hebron is unstoppable is on own 'able lake by the way uh so he i'm with you they are so a in the only reason bringing this up because i i'm it's calls all the time i i've had plenty of bad calls life you know big band in this game mike i you know not in this game at me big ben was a brutal call this week for me and we'll get to that but um yeah i mean you know is there crawl was a terrible calling me but however there were so angry these the pitchforks you should have seen the pitch they add that led towards the pitchforks these errki brown guys june 23rd was the data that tweet you say okay go do you had from third seacot but yeah i mean does that in a people people they love them there they're eric errki ron for some reason maybe not full confidence but you have a glimmer of hope for golden tate owners because he had just five of 48 yesterday less than ten fantasy point again ultimately i think he's a talented player you know and maybe they're distill adjusting to him you know uh running more out of the slot this here then he certainly was last year both forwards were through through five weeks last season at this point last year golden state was wide receiver 75.

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