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Folks who remind the buying the soccer pennies you know making very wealthy I know but. Companies declare bankruptcy means. The bond owners are going to get paid. Everything and Sokoll is going to be worth worth zero yet. STOCKS IS GONNA. Go through the roof. How does the negative dilution work crime? is is that even lost. The market gasoline for hundred, million, four, hundred, five, hundred, million, their issuing a billion dollars in stock. That's quite a bet on the future you'd have to say. We have negative rates. Why not negative? I mean, let's let's. All these countries should do this and. Your? Head. Hurts is the most. Egregious example and I guess you gotta get their hat to them. The you're saying like how there's people speculating on our stock. Let's they'll it You know this kind of action in a number of stocks like what truly Chesapeake energy just under rumor. They were going bankrupt the stocks. It was from union in the seventies and back to the team again just as we, some rumors of potential bankruptcy filing so again more evidence than the kind of the frostiness that we're talking about and it it does seem like. Some of those Robinson type traders were actually looking for bankruptcy backup stocks news bankruptcies as a as a reason to get law and again even a world negative rates. It's like Superman bizarro world. You know what up down down is up, but. history success that that's not going to be winning strategy in a long term. And I saw a Jackie had had it just the funniest tweet yesterday along those lines. it, said macy's down eleven percent on news that it's not going bankrupt. Exactly there, you go, you know the thing for me is is that this is Robin Hood traders that we talk about would think Mitt still make up a pretty small proportion. Of the investing community, you look at sovereign wealth pensions. Dow monds all these massive. Companies all these massive buyer's of equities,.

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