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And it bounced into the corner where Joe Harris collects it for Brooklyn. 57 54 Nets the leader under a minute to go in the half. James Harden bumps into Augustine now sends it to Harris on the left against Holiday forces him to pass to Durant Durant from the top of three short rebounded by Middleton. Chris Middleton front court with 40 seconds to go in the half works his way around Hardened, finds a spot launches from 15 a miss. Rebound underneath. Hardened has it for the next 30 seconds to go and a turnover by Brooklyn? Wow Harden and DeAndre, Jordan. At the half court line looks like got in the way of each other That time and those two both have been the source of most of the turnovers here in the half and holiday was lurking on. This guy is sensational. Defensive player. He is so you don't usually say smooth on defense, but he is really smooth on defense. He's crafty. He's so smooth that you don't recognize how good he is right. That was the sixth turnover by the way on James Harden. We've got about seven seconds difference on the half time clock in the shot clock, which hits 10 17 seconds to go in the half holiday works through traffic gets low. A fading shot off the window is good to get the bucks within one. Right over DeAndre Jordan back some kind of shot shot clock is off. Final shot belongs to the Nets. With James Harden it half court in five seconds to go. Harden works his way about 10 ft. Beyond the strike will shoot the three. It's a Miss Lopez taps into Yonas End of the half. Brooklyn's lead is 1 57 56 entertaining, sometimes sloppy. One point game JB here in the break surprising, horrific three point shooting from the Milwaukee Bucks four of 19. But yet here they are trailing just.

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