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This war the new york knicks with the number two overall pick the pressure to pick lonzo would not have been there and it's come to pressure acid i'm saying lake can supply because i'm blair biz this basketball the combination of business there is no party i'm going to say loud and clear there is nobody who knows basketball their look they're lonzo ball and say number two overall pick he's better than everybody else this coming after nobody would one on one day one on one on five i say one on one five as as i want i went to over live there were plenty i never said you don't want to know nobody people people thought he had a better effect on the bill but nobody thought that he was the second best overall talent in the draft who would be the secondbest player about the market which was okay so you're saying magic purposely didn't take the best available tell you there magic johnson believes in lonzo he believes in his upside what bajic is also about business to and that was the combination of basketball and business and that was the best the stitches magic didn't take the best overall player i disagree i think magic whatever other considerations wouldn't take the guy if he thought there was someone better to meanwhile step outscored lonza nineteen to dinata in the fourth and overtime the where's the only team without backtoback losses this season thank you molly week thirteen cake south tonight with washington at dallas but that's been overshadowed we what's been going on in new york for the first time since his rookie season in two thousand and four two time superbowl champion leonard manning took her up to the second team on tuesday the team bunched eli for gino smith yesterday manning was in charge of running the scouting as he gets ready for oakland giants coowner john mirror regrets how this whole situation of boarded and spoke on how the decision was made.

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