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Know the the foundation of Easter is is wonderfully biblical, I get that. But the pagan practices are pretty pretty weird. I mean Easter bunnies Easter eggs. Okay. Come on. You gotta admit it's kind of weird. On fact, I was an Easter bunny one year for kids. There you go. But nonetheless, maybe let's pay a lot of you were going to participate in these activities. And that means that we're going to have lots. Okay, the. And I'm thinking of those crib? Let's bring in our let's bring in our dietitian nutritionist here in the morning show. She's also that very thing for Safeway albertsons. She's Elaine McGee author of many many books. How you doing good morning? I declined to share fun back. I like a fide egg one year at Halloween at Stanford. Coming out of my next thing cage free. Are you serious? I'll send you a picture of me with one of the kids. But yeah. Oh, do I was the scariest nicer bunny you've ever seen in your life? Probably pretty scary Friday. But all I knew I was able to wear my lily lemon. Beautiful. Okay. Sherri, do you have anything to add to this conversation? What were you on Easter? Or did you ever imitate a fried egg? What did you do sharing? I've led a pretty boring life. Which goes kind of thing. I've I've feeling really out of it as well. But that's okay. Listen you later here to spice things up. Okay. So talk to me what what can you share with us in order to enlighten us this coming Sunday with festivities that involve things like candy and Easter eggs and chocolate or you going to be that person. That says, no, no, no, you can't you shall not. Not. Am I to do that? But I live in the direction of dark chocolate because they're saying, you know, Joe Chuck experts at the hires that could cow the higher the that those solid in the chocolate, which is you know, seventy percent on up though, I really like sixty percent options to defy. You're you're gonna have the flavonoids or the flavonoids pitcher plant compounds. And that's what has those awesome health benefits. And I was gonna I decided to show this. If you buy a study came out with elite all athletes showing that after thirty days of dark chocolate intake, they noticed an increase because of this antioxidant power that you get from from the Trump potentially they saw increased antioxidant marketers and reduction in muscle damage markers. Well, thank God reece's released dark chocolate. Peanut butter eggs for Easter. So I developed some power recovery shakes for the families. They shocked for example, recently half of them. Had unshaken cocoa with him. So you know, that that's part of what is there? There are some benefits to that. Okay. No stay so Katie brings up the reese's and they're dark chocolate. My guess is there's real dark chocolate and there's fake dark chocolate. Right. Because I'm looking at these candy companies. I just can't believe they'd be using the real deal. Well, not going to be it's high in those in those, you know. Cacao? Yeah. Right. How you know when you go to the grocery store, and it'll have like the Delhi set sixty percent. I think is my favorite to us. Not anything you see or those bars. Anything with sixty percent on up is is going to be the real deal. Okay. Yes. You can't get great chocolate chips now, and the bittersweet we have in our organic line we have bittersweet chocolate chunk. That's all going to be the higher cow and then anything would unsweetened cocoa powder. So that you know, that I've developed a lot of recipes with McCain if you could you just mentioned because a lot of our listeners who are just casual listeners the program who should be listening every minute. They don't know. I mean, you do a lot of work. Besides your Albertson. Safeway chief nutritionist dietitian. You do a lot of work with high level athletes. You just mentioned the San Jose Sharks. So you developed a shake for them a protein, shake a nutritious shake. Did you tell us what that's all about? Could you give us an idea what the ingredients may entail? Well, the yeah, recently, I I helped a revamped, you know, some of their program. And so I'm hoping of course, they go the distance right now. But when I looked at the recovery shakes and smoothies. We just you know, I submitted a lot of different smoothies and shakes that I've that I developed specifically for them based on the preferences in flavors of their happy. Chocolate based though at an putt you're getting part of their protein powder that they use that has the traffic powder. But also added always unsweetened cocoa powder. And that's why because I know about those plant compounds and Doug chocolate, and how it can really help with every but just an antioxidant kind of affect and an inflammation. Right. I mean, some of this has to do with relaxing blood vessels, which improves blood flow and decreases blood pressure. So there's just it has to do with some neuro plasticity effect. Okay. Eighty of that compound. But the other thing I did for them moving onto the peace of our store. Our Easter story with anything that has a base like for Tonga, or you know, he or anything whether it's not today. Not just one AIG. I I tend to use half real eggs and have a white or except to people prefer that. And that's because a lot of these years that I've been this nutrition expert, I see the research go back and forth about about egg yolks and cholesterol. Or what have you, and my my my gut was telling me, it's it's better not to have more than a one a guilt. If possible a day just to be safe. There's great things about eggs, and you want them. But you we really need three eight yolks, you know, every day, you know, probably not. So a lot of the research. That's coming out recently cut approves that point that. Yes, eggs are nutrition powerhouse. Houses. But a little is good. And a lot is probably not better, especially for people at risk of heart disease, so athletes, even when I worked at Stanford. We always offered we called it. The fifty fifty where when they had their their omelettes made by the us. They could say, hey, I want the fifty fifty and that was half eggs half white. And that way, you're not going all a white while you're not getting the health benefits of the yoke. But you're also not going. You know? If you have any other issue about ages. It's it's a gateway a gateway because now we eat eggs here in this country. It could be a gateway to saturated fats in bed cards. Okay guy. Got you. I got you. With with whole grains, and how your eggs with spinach, which we tried in mushrooms, which we also tried those opposed to having your eggs with bacon and greasy home fries. Right, or, you know, white pancakes. Hi, see. That's just you're right. That's generally speaking, the right? What what we saddle up the eggs with could. I get back to the chocolate thing for just one moment. We don't have a lot of time. But if like say, you just mentioned at at albertsons, Safeway, you've got the the bittersweet chocolate chunks. So I mean, if you use those kind of like, your if one use those is their version of candy systemic just gonna snack them one of these right after meal is that cool in your mind to do that. I mean is there actually health benefit that's gonna come about from that? Absolutely affect. I was going to tell you that how much does are we talking about to get some of these positive effects of relaxing, our blood vessels, right and increasing insulin sensitivity that's another potential positive and it's like a couple of small squares. Brian. A quarter a quarter. I keep a bag in my freezer of the dark chocolate chips. I I love that. That's really it. And I'll tell you why. Because when you put like, even if it's the dark chocolate of dove, you know, or what have you when you put one of them in your mouth, Katie. And it it forces you to slow down in appreciate it. And let it because it has to get to room temperature in your mouth to our body temperature to start melting. So it's enhancing, you know, the enjoyment. I cherish those moments. Mcgee when we are sorely out of time. But thank you for checking in and giving us all this, wonderful information. You're always trying to keep us healthy happy Easter to all of.

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