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So after game I ever saw it Heinz field was Benz rookie year day after Christmas. Didn't know I was going to the game. It took Christmas day talked about a great Christmas presents from from my wife. And that's when Plaxico Kerr bursts. He added touchdown against the ravens for them to lock up the number one seed a. Yeah, that's not talk about the rest of that season. They'll just depress me and. I've got I've got a correction for the stat guy. No, there's only one team in New York. And that's the Buffalo Bills. I like it. All right. So let's get back to where we were the preview show is to preview with specific position. And I hope I hope listeners realize it this preview show does a lot more than just talk about one specific position. It's kind of a mixed bag of goods. And that's the way I like it. It's fun this way. But we're talking about the running backs. We've already talked about the offensive line of we talked about the quarterback position. It's a now we head to the running back. So in other words, we're going to get the offense done. I running back position is unique. Now news today. It might not have been today might have been yesterday. I'm not so sure fan cited website, they source this out saying that lady on Bill once he desires to play for the Miami Dolphins once he hits free agency. And that's fine. Best of luck to you young fellow. I'm not sure if the dolphins want him, but that's where he would like to go for this sake. We're gonna assume he has gone other news. It's no worthy around the. Running back position is the James Saxon. The he had been there for five seasons. I believe is was believed Susan's. Yeah. Please relieved of his duties, and they bring in Dave told me the guy's name. Again. You're asking the wrong guy. Brian has Ryan Brier. Eddie, right Faulkner. They already Dr Faulkner. All right. Great great writer. Great Eddie Buckner, meet the faulkners. Okay. So now, we have he is actually a tight end. We he's actually tight ends coach for NC state, which if that's unfamiliar. It's because it's Jalen Samuels played. He's very familiar with him. Jalen Samuels, h Bax. He was part tight end and everything he's going to be running back coach. And so now you're looking at a stable of backs that is going to consist James Connor Jalen Samuels, Trey Edmunds, the brother of Terrell Edmonds is still on the roster..

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