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To shooting victims to the hospital those men were rushed into surgery one a forty year old man who was shot in the back and chest he's listed in critical condition meanwhile a forty four year old man who was shot in the ankles in serious condition police are still investigating that incident saying they have no particular is on the events surrounding the shooting at this time three years after a federal judge was shot outside of his detroit home close to two hundred members of the community joined him last night in a walk for hope against gun violence news newsradio nine fifties john hewitt's with more from the northwest side conches of approval came from passersby along livernois near the detroit mercy campus as marchers walked quietly with signs in hand out front carrying a banner that read walk for hope was us district court judge terrence berg himself a victim of gun violence my shooting was on march fifth two thousand fifteen and our i walk was only about thirty days later they're now on their fourth march to bring awareness berg says to all of the victims of gun violence and be pulling together as a community and that's what this march in this walk does among the marchers was agnes dunbar of detroit we have to change and it seems like it took these young high school students who were so articulate it so forthcoming and so determined to let the politicians know that something has to change those children of course the students of marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida a group judge bird calls fantastic and transformational i think we're starting to see a sea change in the way that the american public looks at gun violence and the possible solutions and i'm very proud of him john hewitt w j newsradio nine fifty.

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