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So excited so excited to have you here. Welcome to our ovaries led to be in your ovaries on. Your phone can get get into our over his. Can you get in there. I wonder. I don't know i'm not gonna foreign no means no sam so i'm so excited to have you really so excited and so's robbins. I'm happy to be here sam. I have to tell you. I am only slightly jealous just lately because it was my lifelong dream to be discovered on star. Search which didn't happen salmon did not happen. So congratulations what you've done. Otherwise and would you be disposition in your life. Had you won star search. Probably because it doesn't really make a difference for a lot of people true true but it's okay. It's not about me sam. It's about you over super excited to have you safer exciting. Let stu the elevator pitch with sam harris. Okay you ready on your mark. Get set go. I i'm sam harris and all my god. I've been around a long time. I grew up in rural oklahoma. I moved to los angeles when i was like a child. I was on star. Search that i did broadway. And i've done tv and made a lot of records and i've done all kinds of stop and kept really super busy and i have a child who is twelve years old and a husband and we've been together for twenty six years at that was made. That was brilliant. I was really well done. Thank you for no practice or no. Planning let's talk about how you and your husband met. So danny and i met we were doing joseph and the amazing technicolor. Dreamcoat the broadway national chose thought he started out great. And then you've got the that's what she does every time sam. She doesn't know any joe's an lovely. Anyway danny nine met on broadway national tour. I was joseph. E- played my brother and so then we met on in rehearsal and on the road and that was twenty six years ago. And so we've lived in new york and we've lived in los angeles and we the first year we were together. We spent on the road in hotels and he was very very concerned about you. Know like being with the star. Because you know i stayed in like really fantastic hotels and they stayed at like the red roof in back.

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