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Looking at him thinking he looks eighty some years old and he's younger than i am well in real life. He's not though he is actually sixty one. But i think the way my age. I think the character he's playing is fifty five for some reason. I don't know why when. I have a son approximately the same age so it made me a little taken aback but proceed. I'll get a bit than mister dark. Throws the book at mr h and says he's going to give him a taste of death so he will know how it feels when it comes soon. Yeah when it comes again and that he says soon grabs his hand kind of crushes his hand. Yeah that's a very well acted seen. I thought that's my favorite scene in the movie. Like i said it's it's a similar scene in the novel. But it's not as that one's which i'm okay saying because they were both written by ray bradbury so you know what i mean. Yeah mister dark. Offers to make jim old so he can be the co owner of the carnivals darken night shades. Pandemonium carnival does have a nice ring to it. This is he finds the kids not yet. No i thought you said that lately. He's he's still trying to find him at this point he's okay and he tells will that his mother rode the carousel backwards and forwards and went quite mad and he's looking he's like. I wonder where you would be file right so then. He climbs up the bookshelf. Which was really creepy. Any grabs the boys from behind. Brings them down just carrying them away as he does will cease his mother out the window at the church. Yes so he knows. Fine and mr blacks aligarh dark excessive dark. Yeah investor drugs. Oh i must have made a mistake. They must have been jim's mother. Mister dark has the witch pay greer take. He says take their tongues or something like that is. She appears she approaches. She is their new mother. Yes house them. He says. time to. Quiet these chatters lose their tongues until he can find them again owes tons to whispers. Yeah can't speak mister. Dark tells the switch to give jason a brief taste of deaths knows that he may recognize it again when it comes. Which is a repeat of the mine. Didn't he already do that. you did. There are some other cool. it's a cool seen. Though she sends down his heart. Yes it's very difficult to watch without blood or gore. It's very psychological. I think it's a good scene. But i don't know why they repeated it but both of them are good next. We see. jim's mother heading to the carnival and we see Mister darkened the boys again. And he's going on about darkened nightshade nightshade and dark. How they're going to be partners. They're gonna ride him forward to make him an adult and ride will backwards still. He's a baby till he's a baby to he'd be a plaything for that little person Who again as master. Blaster from mad max and the storm is coming. Yes so mr h comes to and runs through the woods in the cemetery to get to the carnival when he gets there. He finds jim's mother waiting at the entrance to the carnival for she thinks her husband is coming. Jason takes the ticket tells her to go home that her husband isn't comment and she listens. She says they sad but they said she doesn't. She does leave. So mr h walks into the maze of mirrors and fog everywhere there is and mister dark begins showing him the mirrors of all the townspeople..

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