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Forty eight years old this donation in his memory when my heartfelt gratitude to those angels. And for all those like, my brother in the hope that they will make with the help, but this nation army the red kettle is open at hughhewitt dot com. David Drucker is open on the radio show. David Drucker, the Washington Examiner. David did the prison break Bill paths last night? Yeah. It cleared it for well. He didn't pass finally, but he cleared a a big procedural at all. It's what we call a cloture vote. So it's going to get a final vote. And I think it's going to pass. Now, I think it's been improved dramatically by number of amendments made last week having to do with, narrowing down ward and discretion. Making some sex abuse convicts ineligible for early time credit making no dealers than eligible for early time credit, but Senator Tom cotton and Senator John Kennedy have offered three additional amendments. I'll be tight with Senator cotton next hour. What do you make of those amendments? I think they will be voted on today. Correct. And I don't know that they're gonna pass. And I don't know that it matters because there are enough votes for this thing the key with this. He was always whether or not McConnell. War because there there have always been more than enough votes. More than sixty for this thing to pass the issue was getting it on the floor. And once we got on the floor. It really didn't matter whether Senator cotton amended has or not he's been obviously, one of the biggest opponents of the Bill without certain changes. There were other opponents that were with you, and they dropped off and join the people in support with the changes that were already made. I don't think it's really gonna matter whether or not the continent amendments pass, I I don't know if they're gonna pass. It's not gonna stop the Bill. You know, it seems to me that there's a lot of risk in voting against them. Because if someone is released one of them is merely one merely says we're going to follow the people who are released and see whether or not they revert to criminality that seems to me to be the most easy of the three to get through. The other two are categories of crimes that they wish to not have cotton talk about it. I don't know how anyone can vote against them. But we'll see if they pass one or all of them will the Bill still pass, David Drucker. Yeah. I think I think well, I think the Bill would still probably pass. I just you know, this has been a real battle. And there are a lot of policy differences here. We're just as simple as well. They all agree on the stage. They would be in there. There are a lot of interest groups advocacy is a better word people care about the policy. There are a lot of people with opinions on on. How generous for look for minded is still should be trying to do is incensed tamp down on the amount of a form who gets. And what kind of changes and how many years and all of that? He's also trying to make sure that victims of these criminals who are going to be released early get notice that they're getting out which is a big deal in the victim's rights movement. My my buddy Steve has been active in that for years, and they always want notification when their assailant or their exploiter get out they wanna know they wanna be on on alert. Let me ask you about the shutdown eight hundred thousand federal employees looking at no paycheck. Many of them are gonna have to work come Friday. I think it's happening. I think it's gonna go on for a long time. What say you, David Drucker? Good possibility. It will. The Democrats don't see any political incentive for to the president. What he wants the president doesn't see any political incentive down, and you're gonna have a shipping in Democrats. You know, they won big election at least in the house, and they're looking at a few weeks away from being empowering actually, how many saying this which has its own problems. But for now the way this plays out is let's shut down for a couple of weeks. And we'll come back when we have more leverage more power to deal with the van, but especially always about the political incentives with shutdowns and right now, I don't think anybody appears to sheer politics now, they don't dialect Trump fares. It'll make Republicans fear it it's pretty far away from an election that people who fair to the hundred thousand fads who won't get paid many of whom will have to work at Christmas time, they're going to get paid. And that's too bad that they the border wall. Can't get funded enough. People can't get paid. And that's that is it if the Democrats would fund border barriers this would pass, right? David drucker. Well, put it this way. If the Democrats give Trump the amount of money that he's asking for just one border barriers. Listen pass, but they're five billion dollars. Right. Five billion. About everybody. Just from the perspective. Hugh, everybody is claiming there for border security and everybody is claiming that they're against integration. But they all have different ideas. So they say about what to do about it. And that's what this disagreement is about. And the president said five billion dollars is what I need, and they say you get one point six. So we're about cleaning up billions dollars apart. How significant.

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