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Our police department doesn't amazing job and it's constantly. About building community trust, and we have that and go complaints against offices that way down in Boston. But this is just another tool to have in working towards, you know, full transparency. Nearly two hundred officers had to undergo additional training to learn how to activate us categorize and upload the data police Commissioner. William Ross says during their one year pilot roll out the majority of his officers and the public like the cameras at Boston police headquarters, James Rojo stub, UB Z. Boston's NewsRadio been more problems this morning for Boeing's troubled seven thirty seven max aircraft. The FAA says there are faulty wing parts that could affect more than three hundred of those jets in the current version of the max aid at its prior generation parts in question called slats, which are movable panels that affect takeoffs and landings of failure of the part is not expected to cause a crash, but could result in damage to that plane. Maxine by the way do remain grounded all around the world, six. Oh, two good Monday morning to you about an extra Cup of coffee. Must have for many of us on a Monday morning, especially get this new. Research says drinking coffee does not damage your heart, so bottoms up scientists at Queen Mary university in London say consuming up to twenty-five. That's right. Twenty five cups of coffee, a day, does not lead to a higher risk of heart related conditions like heart attack, or stroke. This study rich required. Participants to undergo MRI. I'm are I heart scans found. No difference in the condition of arteries among those who drank a lot or a little Java every day. How about that? Well here we go game four Stanley Cup final tonight..

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