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Charles pain about it now pain earlier this year faced his own sexual harassment allegations ula claims that she was assaulted at a party at the trump international hotel in washington last month joining us now is corey lewandowski and cory of course like to have your responds to the to villas accusations charles i think at as someone who's been through this you understand that there is a due process and there's a process which they will go through to determine a person's innocence which i think you've been through and you understand respect it yeah i think everyone understands a respected in this ad but a lot of people wondering why someone who's so close to the president trump pledge you are someone who's been rooting for president trump light joy has what would motivate her what have you think is motivating heard uh with with these accusations were seized witness charles that's a question for her i'm not here to speak for joy when i am here to do is to speak for me and what i am going to do is to let the process play forward just as you did when you were accused of sexual harassment in your own case a pain was suspended for the sexual harassment allegations but he returned following an internal investigation a georgia preacher who says he was barred from public sidewalks and feared arrests were spreading the gospel on the fringes of a large outdoor concert in atlanta is challenging the restrictions in court in a federal lawsuit eric loves says is free speech rights were violated outside the shaky beats music festival which drew thousands in may to downtown atlanta centennial olympic park love is asking a judge to decide whether the georgia world congress center authority and its police force can prohibit preaching from the surrounding sidewalks the authority overseas the park which was created for the nineteen ninety six olympic games and finally this morning good hearted neighbors off heartbroken over the rising number of homeless in their communities and california are feeding and showering those in need hoping to make a difference but now some are questioning whether they're doing more harm than good by helping the homeless a get some of their most basic needs outdoors it's the chicken or the.

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