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Yankees having a one on Thursday night played a twin bill in the opener DJ lemay you took care of the offense three one Swank high five well well struck right center field read the back at the track into the right center it comes at you want swaying a line right indeed as called by John shop here in the S. P. N. radio a pair of home runs from lemay who's been such a fine for the Yankees as an offseason addition they came off Chris sale as a Boston's left hander surrendered eight earned runs over three and two thirds Yankees nine to route in a game one sale screaming to the home plate umpire as he was removed during a seven run for the was angered by the strike zone he's always before with the nine ninety ERA against the Yankees this season it's hard enough playing this game as it is you these guys no I shall souls is gonna hurt for like you cannot change the landscape of the game there's there's gotta be something I'll be something that can be done about this you know we're we're we're all discount rules players as coaches I take pride in holding myself accountable I'll be the first time I don't think I threw the ball you know terrible but the fundamental ball great today but like I said it's a little tough one at this level you give you know those guys in those situations but she strikes on this route his counterpart to make over mine allow just five hits over seven innings Yankees beating the red Sox for a for the straight and tied they all sold the old lost another player perhaps to Edwin Encarnacion breaks his wrist Erin Hicks hurt his elbow he'll get an MRI today how about their search for a fifth straight over the bows socks in the night cap this is this was.

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