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The Celtics press play and State Road. 60 also be on the lookout for construction to continue along Gandhi Boulevard, Hillsborough County there, maybe periodically enclosed in ancient traffic patterns throughout the night. Charles NewsRadio Wofl a few isolated showers across inland spots winding down tonight, staying mild and staying McGee with low temperatures dropping into the upper seventies. Possibility of more scattered showers arriving by tomorrow morning in those showers and few thunderstorms will continue throughout the day on Sunday, but a 40% rain chance otherwise partly cloudy with above average temperatures. And still, McGee Climbing up into the upper eighties West Wind at 10 knots tomorrow sees 2 to 4 ft. Just a light chop expected on the Bay. I'm Max Defender Rate meteorologist in Oliver. News radio fella now streaming on your Amazon echo and over 2000 devices by the I Heart radio ad..

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