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Not agree in do not think we deserve this come by silver lining, my silver lining, a suggestion I didn't. I don't know that it was going to happen. I at this point, don't believe that it will happen, but I suggested that it might be election that it was. He feels as though there was so much hate that was unspoken during the Obama years net. It was like brewing brewing in brewing in brewing, and it had to come out and this was the time in whole confidence issue. You know, things come together when Hillary ends up losing. And that this will just be four years and we can take a lot of lessons out of what happened here. But anyway, in terms of what Trump is, and we've been throwing around racist and he just calls him in other est-. He says, he just threw hates others and that can be women white women. It can be black people. It certainly Mexicans, it certainly Muslims. He just is fundamentally uncomfortable with others and a lot of them. So he can have Ben Carson in his cabinet men. He can have, you know, heads of Latino, what if he has a Latino council or whatever it is, but it has to be small doses and not a challenge to his power, and that's his guiding principle. So he's like, I don't even wanna waste my time, calling him racist because he's just like your classic Zena. Phob in every way would modify that to say to to sort of preach reluctance to. Of of of diagnosing what lies in the human heart who knows what lies in in if he has a heart or if he's. We do know what he consciously chose to run his politics on. I'll I'm waiting ill. So I think I think that is the is the cynical play. It's entirely possible. And I think even probable that he doesn't have any sense of discomfort hanging around black people know miss hanging around with Al Sharpton and stuff. Even I have with a celebrity, you know, when they show you pictures of him with Muhammad Ali or whatever. Yeah, it's all well and good to be in rarified Univer even any. But let's more importantly, I don't know agnostic, but any of it ju I think, no, that he saw this saw elements of this is a big word here, but he saw elements of other ring in his political project, and that is what I can't forgive him for ever just can't totally agree like you can't to to see this to to call mitt Romney's policy, Chris Quebec's policy. That Mitt Romney had adopted of self deportation in two thousand twelve Chris back who's who's competitive for the gubernatorial race in Kansas. As we speak right now, this one hundred nine hundred ninety. One votes separating him and the incumbent governor there Trump endorsed him right before the election voter fraud. Yeah, he was. He was basically the head of the presidential voter, fraud commission, which is totally bullshit was designed to say it which was the best part to come out and say that they didn't find anything in there was no widespread voter fraud. Yeah. And then also he lost co back lost a and was resoundingly handed his own head by the Kansas supreme court. In a case about his own voter law which required you show proof of citizenship in order to get voter-registration that was found to be in violation of the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment among other things and in in. Part of that process, they said, can you show us actual evidence of non-citizens registering to vote? And he came up with like thirty seven instances in twenty years. That's the widespread thing that we're going and and even the judge there said, and a lot of them are due to state employees doing it wrong and unintentionally. So anyways, co back is is part of this and he predates Trump he. He was mitt Romney's right hand, man. There's been the growing thing in the Republican party for a really long time, ten years, very specifically. I think here and it is essentially other us. It's imagining that there is a horde somewhere that's out there and they're destroying our elections. They're shooting Kate whoever. And also just said that because I don't remember last night styling, thank you, but like you also don't think our life matters. No life matters is totally. And actually are important individual anecdotes of 'nother inherently or full..

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