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And that he will be also be good for us crimes again against the mass law in the rest of the country and that you will get a life in prison how you feeling about today because it's taken a long time to get to this point uh even though i can maybe predict how verdict will look like i'm still a bit took nervous uh in this on suspicion what happened back in the nineties had it a huge effect on you and your family you were living in neat so when you think back to that time and the death march which you had to go on what is it that stands out what is still strong in your memory but his though a day uh or an hour when i do not recall those painful moments leap blinkist app ever since and the uh i make up this story with this trauma and i go to butts of at this trauma i'm constantly thinking about what had happened uh thinking oh my family my brother jim brother my father my uncle were killed if they suffered full their and he you still i think dave knows exactly what happened to them because you became separated from them when you a fleeing didn't you oh in the beginning you know they started to shoots a gutless d are either in july and many people goods catch it all over the place and the thousands people and i could not find him anymore and everybody was casualty rich ranked ranked i and that's what i need all of a sudden saw that people were adding forward and i could not find uh my brother and my father and my uncle and i would not look uh behind and immoral i i just have to go on and something a a voice kept saying needed a hat on an tutte to try to reach the front of the color which basically duck in the voice uh saved my life i was constantly praying uh for my life because i've us only forty kilos uh very skinny boy these kids will win the left alone with the men and boys that i didn't know neko five days in six night soaked of re suffering vein attacks every day bang shelled feign people were being killed around may all time and.

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