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On the LARs Larson show, which is used to serve talk radio is what was it. You were saying about my, wow that strong, and it's good. And I appreciate you support. Honestly, provocative talk of very big deal with. Don't sit yet. This. Here's LARs Larson. Guys. I look out into the crowd. I just wish that the families of gun violence in this city got this much attention because that's who really deserves the amount of attention that we're giving to this particular incident is the Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson speaking about the jussie smollet case which ended with last night's rest and today's indictment of jussie smollet. He has he's now been indicted relatively minor crimes in the great scheme of things disorderly conduct. Although it does carry a felony treatment. Which means that if he's convicted he could in theory spend up to three years in prison. Welcome to the LARs Larson show. Glad to be with you and glad to take your phone calls on this conspiracy theory Thursday night. We've also got a Twitter poll up, and I don't mind at all if you vote in that should just see small ED's faked hate crime send him to jail because you realize there's a very good chance here that if he decides to go the plea deal. This man who faked not only a threatening letter against himself. That was apparently created by him or some of his confederates the two Nigerian brothers that he enlisted in this fake set of crimes, but also he staged the well, he staged the physical attack that he claimed happen jussie smollet on the twenty ninth of January claiming that he he had been attacked that he'd been attacked as he was walking to a sandwich shop during a polar vortex. When it was about ten degrees outside in Chicago. And that he was attacked for all of sixty seconds the time when he wasn't on camera. Although apparently, he had planned that he would be on camera, and that he planned to draw sympathy to himself, and as identified by the Chicago police superintendent, man, whose voice you just heard a moment ago that he had planned to draw sympathy for himself because he didn't think he was making enough money. Well, we've looked up his net worth it said that he is at least a millionaire. He is thirty six years old. He's an actor on a popular television show and by all accounts, somebody in that position. Who is gay who is black? Who is good looking who is telegenic who is well-spoken? You can imagine the kind of career he might have enjoyed in America. I've a feeling that that career is all but over at this point, although these days nothing would surprise me the NFL decided to keep dealing with Colin Kaepernick and Nike decided to keep him on as an image to promote their products. So I wouldn't take a bet the jussie smollet will not appear in front of a camera. Again, I think it's going to happen, but he has done serious damage to himself. He's also done serious damage to all of those people who are legitimate victims of crimes that are inspired by their race, religion, national origin, physical disability sexual preference and all the rest. So I'm gonna ask you straight out should Jesse small heads. Faked hate crime, send him to jail. I think he needs to do some time behind bars my answer to that would be yes. And tonight's Twitter poll can be found at LARs Larson show on Twitter. Lars, Larson dot com website, everything there is free except the LARs Larson show challenge. Coincidence made made by and actually benefit a.

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