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At the right times and coming in reducing all this chaparrals and and fuel load on the ground. So you don't have these fires just rage. Zinke suggested donating timber from the nearby plumas national forest to rebuild the town of paradise Ukraine's state security service says it's intelligence officers were. Among the crew on Ukrainian naval ship seized by Russia in a standoff near Crimea. The SBA agency said in a statement that officers were fulfilling counter intelligence operations for the Ukrainian navy in response to psychological and physical pressure by Russian spy services at didn't elaborate, but demanded Russia's stops such activity a Russia's FSBA intelligence agency said late Monday that there were SBU officers on board. The Ukrainian ships calling that proof of a provocation staged by Ukraine. Both countries traded blame after Russian border guards on Sunday opened fire on three Ukrainian navy vessels and eventually seized them in their crews. The incident put the two countries on war footing. And of course, raised international concern. A NASA spacecraft has successfully landed on Mars to explore. The planet's interior a flight controllers announced the spacecraft insight touchdown Monday after a perilous supersonic descent through the red Martian skies. It's Nastase eighth. Successful Mars landing since nineteen. Nine hundred seventy six the one armed insight will operate from the same spot for the next two years. Nasa says this will eventually pave the way for humans on Mars sometime in the twenty thirties. And we'll get a better look at today at whether retailers one cyber Monday. Of course, they did Toby analytics says when all the numbers are in yesterday's expected to be the biggest online shopping day in US history with spending forecast, the nudge, close to the eight billion dollar, Mark. But with people doing cyber Monday shopping into the late night hours yesterday. It's expected last minute purchases will make up about twenty percent of.

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