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But when he went into an started talking to. Employees. That's when I saw what was going on? With Bart Starr, usually with his wife, who always had a smile on her face always hundred percent of the time is wife cherry. They would just wanna walk through the offices and they really didn't want anyone to make a fuss over the didn't want to be led around. They just wanna walk, and they'd stop at the desk, and they'd see pictures and they talk about. Oh, that's your daughter. How old is she? What is she into? She liked dance. She liked gymnastics. What's her favorite pet? What's your favorite color, and these were sincere questions and they would follow up with handwritten notes everyone? I know in the office got a handwritten note from Bart star, including me. I got to any ended every Renault with the exact same line, which was thank you for all you do for the Green Bay Packers. It was cherished because what the Bart Starr. They're not they're not minimum around or not many of them left the truly truly cared about everyone, but themselves. Obviously, this was something that, you know, you see a person like that. And you think how are they like that? I used to watch him and I would watch the way people interacted with him. And more importantly, after seeing this few times, I would watch the person who interacted with Bart after Bart walked away and inevitably inevitably that person man or woman would have a smile on their face. They would kind of look around. They look down they'd smile. They go back to work, little more pep in their step. It was. I mean just thinking about it gets me a little choked up because he left a trail of appanage wherever he went Bart. Starr was that special where he took such a sincere interest? In people that had nothing to give him had no way to pay him back. There was no quid pro quo. He just had an interest in even in his darkest days as chronicle by Peter King in that moving tribute he did with Aaron Rodgers last year. Was you saw the bar, you know, trying to get the words out not about him not about anything else. But about Aaron he wanted to do it for Aaron. He wanted to everything for everyone else. It just it just impressed me so much. And, you know, close friend of mine shared something with me after this, and it was a letter that his father, my close friends father had sent had sent a letter to bar in nineteen seventy. Six basic criticizing BART's coaching, and discussed it with the play on the field, as you know, they weren't a good team under bar when he was a coach. So Bart writes back my friend, I put this on Twitter. I'll just read it, dear Mr. clump ner..

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