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Everybody in our class and our two classes mash really well, I mean, the freshman class is great. Um, so it's just It's just really exciting because you'll know that in the in the next when we're juniors when we're seniors that it's gonna be a to be really fun time and hopefully a lot of winning hockey. I know one of the things speaking of Frank, There's Frank, right there. You made the wrong turn again, Frank. So Frank put the headset on here, and there he is. Okay. I need a driver I lost get. I drove, right. I drive right. Second time in a row. I drove right by it. I'm like Mr Magoo. I am old guys turned into old guy driver. It's too bad about a big time football or basketball coach. I'd have my own driver. Sure. I'm just a lonely hockey coaches. I gotta find my own way. But thank God I had I had our hero from our last game will be here. And actually, I was listening to Willie Rhyme show for for the last 5 10 minutes or so. And, you know, I think ratings are gonna be pretty good on your show will be through the roof. Yeah, you know, J setting you up with a few softballs there. We told him when he got that game winning goal, he said. You know with that. What happens when you do that? You get a spot on the show, but I don't want to talk about. You know it's there much difference, but weighty entry in three and five on five. Do the math J. There's 10. Guys, They're six guys. I mean, like, like You know what about if it was 500 people in here rather than 25? I mean, life would be a little bit more crowded. You know, I just wanted to get on ice perspective. You know what Here's here. Here's to me listening to you guys and it was interesting. It was like, you know, but Like you tell, Let's talk about what's the vibe. It's been a tough year for us the cold would you know the game's being canceled us losing some a pile of players before, you know, not playing with the roster that we originally I thought we had. We've only been able to play 11 games. Nine of them. We've had to play in the road because people refused to come here for some, For some reason, it's okay. It's healthy for us to get the plan to go East, But it's not healthy for the people needs to go west. Okay? I don't want to get into that. But But let's talk about the vibe like in the locker room of the team, you know, and, hey, it's been a tough year and people I look at our record, They're gonna wonder what's going on. You know, you know what? What? What's the vibe? Are the guy still excited? Are they still believe in? That's what I want yet, But I want you to talk to people about Yeah. I mean, I'd say for sure we're still believing. I mean it. Z like Frank said it zoo really weird year. I mean, where we'll play five games and, well, we got clove. It's we were off for two weeks, and then we'll play two games against Bentley. Now we're off for another two weeks. I mean, it really just I know as a collective in the locker room. We just gotta stay positive, and I mean, you gotta work every day. Like essentially, you're playing a game because we'll have off weeks and then we'll come back and we'll be a playoff game. And then that'll be it. It'll be winner take all and you just got to stay and know that whether it's practice or gaming out of practice, you know, like the same, you know, we know what we do to prepare every day for you guys. You know, we prepare our practice. Our game plan's that type of thing. How are you guys dealing with it? Like you know, with with not, you know, not really. Being able to get into a rhythm of a routine because of you know the stoppages and now we're not gonna play until for conditions. Two weeks from now. How do you guys How are you dealing with that every day? You know, in terms of managing, you know, staying focused with hockey, but also, you know, staying ahead of your academics and the other responsibilities that you have at the academy. Yeah, I'd say it's really learned. I'd say the team is collectively just learned to adapt. And like, you can't take anything for granted. Because I mean, last year was until we got shut down, But it was just the same thing and you kind of had a routine. Where this year it was now you really have to focus on school because, like, for instance, we were on the road trip and we had no school for a week on. You just got to stay on top of that. And then all of a sudden we got sent back because Team canceled and then it's now you're focusing on that. And just your folks isn't priorities change, but the same time they really don't All teams at all seasons have a rhythm. All Star sports and teams have rhythm in especially in hockey. I think hockey more so than any no doubt and we haven't been able to get into that rhythm. And to be honest with you. I want to make sure I'm clear on a couple things you know we've had. We've had three Syriza's that were that were lost that were legitimately because because of covert, not fear of covert. And this series. Hey, Army, Brian Riley and his team. They were ready to come out here. They were all set. They were coming out to play and we had to cancel because we had the outbreak. Brian's up nephew and.

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