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It's now eight ten on Atlanta's morning news ABC's Ryan burrow is joining us from Chicago this morning and Ryan we had a listener who criticize us earlier because we didn't have a whole lot of information about that that missing girl. But frankly, there's not a whole lot of information that has been released about this thing the Jamie class. What's what what what do? We know. Exactly. Yeah. Here's yours. Word stands move. We got this information last night. The discovery of Jamie. He came around five o'clock central time yesterday. And here's what we know to this point. Jay, Jamie, had been missing for three months or parents were found dead in their home flashing back to October and police didn't know where she was. And we weren't aware of any leads or anything like that. Well, apparently, Jamie surfaced last night's and actually found a person who is walking a dog nearby. Ask for help that woman who was walking the dog, then took janey, and they went to a neighbor's house and immediately called nine one police arrived identified that it was indeed, Jamie. She had matted hair was apparently malnourished and had larger shoes that then her feet. Not comfortably fitting, and then they went in and found a person of interest nearby that person is in custody. We're hoping to learn a little bit more information about that person about where Jamie span over the last three months, but that's really the information that we've got Douglas county where she was found. It's about an hour north of of where Jamie went missing first and foremost, thank God. She has been found in found alive. It is interesting that the the police didn't give us an update last night. After after the discovery. It was it was pretty fresh dill. I think they're still trying to sort some things out. Did Jamie know this person who she may have been with you know, what happened that nights at the house? So these are all questions that are going to the press conference. We don't police are going to be able to answer these questions yet. But bottom wide as if the news we've got now is Jaime is alive. She is safe and everything else will just have to get sorted out from here on out. Ryan have they slated a time for a news briefing? Ten o'clock central time. Very good. All right to ABC's. Ryan burrow with the update live from Chicago this morning. It's eight twelve now on Orlando's morning news. This is Clark Howard..

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