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The minimum for two years second year know nonguaranteed great piece of business for brooklyn and it makes me wonder you know like a why is player x so much better than trayvon grandma i'm not saying he's certain but a lot of these guys aren't and so that's a great deal for the nets and a gun i think there are teams that it's likely at the minimum of the nets had a little bit more space than that i don't think we've seen the actual number reported though you can correct me if i'm wrong there i don't believe i've seen it for him or for napier maybe than it was napier who got more than the minimum if if it was either them but nonetheless you know second year nine guarantee for graham that's pretty good if they'd given him a team option instead an end then you know they could have made him a restricted free agent again next year but probably better to just get him for that second year at the moon than he'll be unrestricted at the end of that and in they might have actually if they really wanted to be creative any would've agreed on the nonguarantee end player option by doing the macomb nonguaranteed this year and but have the guaranteed ap like one day after he signs a contract so that then you could make him nonguaranteed and the team out next year in casey blows up you can make him restricted but again very little chance of that probably better just have on that second year nine guarantee for the moon and yeah i mean this is it just really surprised me i thought trivia on graham could get something along the lines of like you know a couple years for three billion a year and it was surprise to me that he had so little interest and i and i'm not saying he's like some great player or something like that like he hasn't he shot at while on very limited attempts he plays hard not really skilled with the ball in his hands but he's the type of clay that can maybe be molded into a valuable rotation beef because there just aren't that many guys out there like emotion any kind of shooting potential and who play hard and have the ability to play defense on the wings so i'm just i it's like why someone wouldn't just all right you know we'll pay this guy more than what he's shown so far in its career but you know with the janssen he could work outside i like this for brooklyn as i liked the napier contract yeah i mean i i don't i'm not critical of the glen robinson signing but giving glen robinson the money doing graham was even better is glen robinson last year and robinson is more explosive as an athlete but i think grandma is better defensively than robinson and it's the same thing that was true with james ennis everybody talks about and because it's damn true about how wings are so valuable in the league and yet for whatever reason certain guys just falls through cracks and i i haven't heard anything in terms like character issue or something like that that would lead to it so yeah i mean i it's it's frustrating and that sort of way just because i think a lot of teams left a good player on the table for for no good reason yeah and yet teams just take chances on guys who just don't have the potential to be modern players to be playoff players marco belen elliot's getting two years at six million a year and ilyasova who a player that we liked but not at the money that he got from the bucks in this market a couple of examples and indiana not getting a three defender when have gotten somebody for the mid where was indiana on james at us with the money that they had available yeah they had this they had to sign a second backup center as much as we like quitting they had to sign a second backup center instead of going after somebody who could have been in the idea that you'd want to have colic win over james zana's sleep that kyle quinn we get more money on a one year deal in james ennis is just really surprised me and yeah and it's he made up be awesome but he's just he's shown the ability.

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