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Your prescription today your next report's at one thirty four i'm kierra jordan on komo news komo forecast we should see more sunshine as we head in the later part of the afternoon a high close to seventy six degrees it's going to be a mostly cloudy with a low of around 60 certain off the day with clouds on thursday them gradually becoming sunny by afternoon a high near seventy seven sunny in seventy nine on friday sunny high 83 285 on saturday and sunday of circuit goodlooking labor days will high near eighty seven degrees sixty six in seattle right now 125 hyundai motor company has halted auto production at its plants in china has tensions between seoul and beijing over a us antimissile system of heard it sales and lifted unable to pay a supplier hyundai says all four of its factories have been in operation china's stopped making vehicles as of today after a local parts supplier refuse to supply components one hyundai delayed payment hyundai is south korea's largest automaker well get ready to have this song stuck in your head for at least the rest of the day some nine these kids are sharing their shock on twitter after learning that one of their favorite songs of their youth isn't quite what they thought it was here's abc's christopher watson with the story we started a few days ago and some guy tweeted tongueincheek that he just come of age by learning natalie rilya's 1997 hit single toward is actually a cover thousands of semi shocked three tweets followed got news for you and boulia's torn wasn't even the first cover it was recorded in 1983 by norway's tree rain and 95 by the band eta swab who wrote it ninety six by danish pop star lists said and then by imbruglia and ninety seven all of this of course was before twitter could share your shattered illusions in an instant also had to break attiya but dave grohl was in a bad before foo fighters christopher watson abc news i hope you could follow that we may have to whiteboard of an houser bush brewery in georgia shipping can drinking water to the american red cross to help hurricane harvey relief efforts in both texas and.

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