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With news as you're heading home immigration agents have been gathering records at la area businesses this week to see if they've been employing immigrants illegally the story from kpcc's leslie bernstein row haas one chilling morning immigrant advocates picketed outside the citadel outlet marlon commerce agents had a right there to collect work forms from one restaurant there's about eight of us hair citing solidarity at slammed boys who have been targeted that's better to heal he and other immigrant advocates say worksite inspections are on the rise over a hundred local businesses were advised recently they would be audited the trump administration has not released recent numbers but in fiscal 2017 there were a about 1300 audits that's less than half as many as in 2013 when the obama administration's worksite audits peaked ice says no workers were arrested in this latest sweep but advocates say they've heard of people not showing up to work essentially firing themselves those who favour immigration restrictions like jessica vaughan with the center for immigration studies hope officials go after the businesses who do the hiring without a furious effort to penalize employer it's not going to be effective businesses we've talked to say they're cooperating with the government covering immigration i'm leslie their stein roe hosoya county prosecutors have charged the local real estate developer behind us seventy two million dollar harbor gateway apartment project with making illegal campaign contributions i say samuel way young follow the two hundred thousand dollars to la eric garcetti and several members of the le city council by having relatives employees and associates to give the money but goal said prosecutors was to get land rezoned solely on could build the thirty two excuse me three hundred twenty units sea breeze apartment complex had happened in about three years ago when garcetti end the city council overruled planning commission officials to allow that project to move forward hundreds of scuba divers will head out to catalina island this weekend begin a scour the bottom of the avalon harbor as part of you sees thirty seven danny will clean up a vented catalina katie shabazz stole with us he's wrigley institute for environmental studies does avalon is popular with tourists in tourists mean trash there are thirty five hundred residents in the city of avalon but you get upwards of a million visitors a year so that definitely has an impact on the.

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