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Sir data seven from the houston nine nine are showing blitz savage of the gut opted short side right here's the staff savage throwing rightside added complete had hurry he took out shot down at the end zone slow to get up as elvis of ill gotten to the back via now savage pops up and he's running off the field slows down now runs off again these east after hours with bean warren's it it these in in which once again multiple teams have been questioned four how they handled hits to the head with their players on the field so russell wilson the seattle seahawks that was one situation recently and which there was a major uproar clearly gets hit in the head checked out so quickly and back on the field really not allowing the full concussion protocol to take it's time to to go through all of the steps and the seahawks last i heard we're still potentially facing a fine from the nfl there are certainly ways that players and teams managed to skirt the full protocol not healthy not a good idea and it's crazy how many times there are delayed symptoms now here are the houston texans answering yet again for why one of their players was allowed to go back on the field despite what seems like a serious blow to the head not to mention side that he may have been knocked out mark vandermeer with a call the texans radio network it wasn't the first time that tom savage got hit on sunday he was under siege abundant but it was this hard hit by elvis tumor ville on a second quarter sack that produced a really scary reaction his head he hits the.

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